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  1. Kinor 35H (9KCH-M2) - Russian Professional 35mm Movie Camera Set Most of you probably know the story of the Kinor. This unit is in perfect working order. It has been well maintained and upgraded. The upgrades electric rewiring to work with standard XLR plugs, rewiring of the interior electronics, adding a video tap, adding a BNCR mount. The camera has been and is regularly serviced by a qualified technician. The buyer will receive a fully working, colimated kit that will be serviced by the technician prior to the sale. The camera has worked on quite a few gigs recently, but as we own another
  2. Hi, I'm hoping that some of the more experienced forum users are greater experts on Lomo lenses then myself and can help me out a bit. I was wondering about the difference between Lomo lenses usable only on the Kovas vs. the lenses also usable on the Kinor. Is the limited use due only to the longer rear element, or is it also influenced by the type and width of barreling? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I was curious, what's the serial number of the body and electronics? Is the movement converted to b&h perf? Also, would you be willing to break up the package and sell the pieces seperately? Can you provide any photos? Could you also let me know more about the BLIII please. Thanks, David
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