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  1. Thanks for the advices guys, the next episode is gonna look way better. To answer all your questions, yes the number 4 is part of a travelling and yes the blueish light is intentional. I'll try to remember everything that as been said for the next shooting. As for the office this is what old offices looks like in France ;)
  2. I made my first job as a DP for a smal series that takes place in an office. I used to work with cheap worklights and par56 and for the first time I used "real" cine lights. The lights used to achieve this results were 2x2K Fresnel, a chinese ball, 2x Kino flo (a 5tubes and a 10tubes) and a 2kw Blonde but it didn't stay on more thant 10 minutes :( Ok so here is the result, comments and criticism are welcome so next time it will look better. thank you
  3. I would rent 4 powerful light sources Fresnel or HMI and take them as high as possible to prevent bad shadows. Then see when the actors go off light and add some softbank/kino flo directed towards their faces but hidden in the set (boxes or whatever that can hide them) so the actors can be seen anytime.
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