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  1. so any off the shelf computer PC will be able to handle Avid ?? i thought i need to have specific kind of Videos card... ?
  2. just bought a Canon XL2 and would like to edit my vidoes for a TV show using Avid or Adobe ... my question is what computer should i get ? what configration? because i think a decent Home use PC wont do the job ... i might build it .. or buy it find a good deal .. but i need to know what processor and video card , and memory do i need ... i want to create a lot of nice effects in the video ill be editing.... Thanks
  3. thanks so much for your quick reply ! by Z1 you mean Sony HVR-Z1U ? i need a look of "film like" as we are making a pilot of this show, which if approved will get funding from the channel ... my pirority for now would be to have a VERY good video and audio quality to impress the TV channel ... i dont know if u would really need a PAL or not as the broadcasting is done from Dubai and they should have NTSC system too .. also i can convert PAL to NTSC using a PC i think ... should i look at HD camera's ? i know Sony HVR-Z1U is HD camera ..would that record video for me in a better quality then Panasonic DVX100 or Sony PD170 ... what am i losing on when buying a DVX100 or Sony PD170 over Sony HVR-Z1U thanks
  4. Hello Every one ... i was searching thru the forum, and didnt find the prefect answer and thought it would be better to ask pro's here .... ill make it simple ... i am not a professional film maker .... but i am in a situation where i have to record a TV show my self (with help of two friends) here in USA every week and send it to Pakistan to be aired on Television...basically i am suppose to Shoot few people sitting in park disssucing differnt issues, then we might ask people on street on their views ..its all out door shoots ...... and it should have a look and feel of a movie ... i have a high-end computer which i can use to eidt our video , the aim is it should look professionally shot and to the standard of putting in on television... i would like to know what is the best choice i have in terms on buying a camera under $5000.00 , which would give me a film like shooting and good voice? i know there are JVC , SONY , CANON miniDV HD camera's or P2 format ....people are talking about Canon XH A1 or Sony HVR-V1U or JVC Pro GY-HD200u ... but i am really new to all this and sort of non-technical person when it comes to cameras... and would appricate every one's help ...what would be a good camera value wise out there to buy for the kind of work i want to do... Thanks
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