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  1. Thanks Evan! Had a nice chat with Charlie at Serious Gear who had some ideas. Will keep the thread updated once I figure something out. - Clay
  2. Hi all, I own an Aaton XTR s16 camera. Currently I have a PL hard mount on the camera and have only used the camera with rented PL glass, but I also own the original Aaton Mount, which has a much shorter FFD than the PL mount (40mm compared with PL 52mm). So I’m looking for adapters that would allow me to put vintage lenses (with ffds between 40mm and 52mm) on the camera that will cover the s16 film plane (i.e. m42, Canon FD, Nikon f, etc). Does anyone know if there are any adapters out there that would allow me to put any of these lenses on my Aaton camera mount? If so, where can I find them? Thanks for your help! - Clay
  3. Hi Mitch, Thanks for your help. So I checked about the camera, and the aaton mount has been removed, and it has been replaced with an fd mount. I always have the option of replacing the fd mount w the original aaton mount which will be included w the package. However, as i mentioned before, I would love to be able to use my fd glass. If I could find an adapter to mount fd glass in an aaton camera mount that could be easily attached and removed in the field, i would be happy. Does anyone know if this kind of adapter exists? Also, I know that easily removable adapters exist that would allow me to put b mount glass in an aaton camera mount, so I would also be happy to find an adapter that would allow me to put fd glass in an arri b camera mount. Any thoughts? Thanks, Clay
  4. Hello all, I am considering purchasing a used Aaton LTR54 S16 camera with a canon fd mount. Because of the small focal plane of the S16 format, I realize that these lenses will be approximately twice as long as they would be if used with a 35mm format. The price is right on the camera and I do have a wealth of canon fd glass, so I am very tempted to buy this camera. However, I do need to have the option of mounting wider angle S16 glass onto the camera as well. Does anyone know if an adapter for PL or B mount lenses to be used with an FD mount exists? If so, where might I find one and what should I expect to pay? Do I have any other options for acquiring wide angle glass for an S16 camera with an FD mount? Thanks, Clay
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