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  1. Complete Phantom Miro package: Phantom MIRO LC320, Color 12GB Memory, 12‐Bit, 2US Kit, Optical Low Pass Filter For MIRO M – Tungsten Balanced Power Supply, Ethernet Cable Battery, Battery Charger 1 Cineflash Drive and dock Capture Cable PCC Software Accessory Kit For MIRO M-Series, 120GB Cineflash, Dock Lens Mounts: Lens Mount Option, Use EOS INSTEAD OF F-Mount Pelican 1060 Clear Micro Case (Red) Phantom Cineflash Memory Module, 60GB x2 Phantom Cineflash Reader/Dock, ESATA Connection to PC Essential Mounting Kit for Miro: Includes pair of I-Plates, Top Handle Assembly, Cine- Style Riser, and Rosette Bar (AB-PMR-110, 120, 130, 140 Manfrotto 3/8" Adapt. Converts 1/4"-20 Threaded Tip -3/8" Tubular Stud Ronford ‘Moose’ Bar Switched Handle Batteries: Frezzi FPS-100-12A Power Supply for MiroBob 12V Power Supply Cable for Sony EX1/EX3 and XDCAM Drives Swit S-8U62 DV Battery x4 Custom Pelican case for Phantom Miro $68,000 worth of gear offered at 20% off -- $54,400 Contact me for more details or to make an offer -- jason@CinemaOxide.com
  2. Damn that's a good price. I have done business with Chad and he's an honest guy
  3. Excellent condition, everything works great. Comes in a Pelican Case. These are 100w heads. $1850, Paypal is fine. Ships same day via Fedex Ground. Buyer will pay for shipping. I don't remember exactly how old they are, but they are in excellent condition and work like new. Light stands can be included for $200 extra. I also have the Projection attachment if you are familiar with that This is similar to the set on B&H -- http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produc...Light_Kit.html Write to me at jason@CinemaOxide.com if you are interested.
  4. I agree with Sanjay. Making your own gear can be more expensive than over-the-counter. In fact, if you value your time at all, then its definitely less expensive to buy over-the-counter. However, if you are very particular about your work, and enjoy challenging yourself, making your own rig will be right up your alley.
  5. This has been an interesting problem solving challenge. Best guess I can come up with so far-- silent metronome on an iPhone or similar. let's say you get it to blink 1 per second. each blink corresponds to a "tie" in the dolly track. more than likely the ties in the track are at even distances. if you need your dolly grip to speed up, tell him to change the metronome to 1.2 blinks per second, and the tip of his foot needs to hit the "tie" on every blink. this will be pretty accurate as long as you give him 10 minutes to practice beforehand.
  6. $10. paypal is fine. please contact me at jason@CinemaOxide.com
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