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  1. Hi again, I want to use the filter to enhance the contrast & make the sky darker for B&W. A roll of Plus-X is in the slot and the filter key inserted. The batteries are loaded and the camera is on Run mode. I also slightly press the trigger to activate the light meter. But the internal light meter does not change. Does Plus-X (and Tri-X) disble the filter? Also, should I worry about using the filter to achieve this effect or could I simply fix it later in Post (with After Affects, for example)? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks, Richard. I was finally able to turned it...with a lot of force.
  3. Hi, I know it'd be easier to just manually set the exposure but I want to check if it works. It's called "Exposure Adjustment Control" in the manual. I just can't turn the ring. Is there a lock? Thanks in advance.
  4. You're right! I followed your advice and finally released the macro slider. It took some time, though. Thanks much!
  5. I looked at the manual again. You're probably right because on the manual it says on macro mode, the red/orange numbers on the zoom ring are uncovered. These numbers are always uncovered on my camera. I can't pull the zoom ring back to cover them. Any tips?
  6. Hi, I can't slide the zoom ring forward or backward. I can only turn it. Is there a lock on the ring? I have the manual but don't see any topic about sliding the zoom ring.
  7. Hi, I can only focus when I zoom all the way in. When I zoom out, everything is out of focus. I try adjusting the eyesight adjustment but it doesn't help. I took it to a photo store, they assumed that it was because the lens internal glasses are not in proper order when the previous owner cleaned them. They said they could reassemble them if I had the diagram. I looked around on the web but couldn't find any. Please help. Thanks!
  8. Thanks. One more question. I have a couple more light meters I could borrow from a friend, which are Sekonic Flasmate L308B and Minolta Flash Meter IV. Which one should I use?
  9. Hi, I just got Nikon R10 today. It is cosmetically in a mint condition. I put batteries on and the camera ran fine. I plan to shoot a short B&W film mostly on Plus-X. I'd appreciate your advice on any of these issues: 1. What should I shoot on a test roll? 2. Do I need an external light meter to countercheck the internal one? 3. If I use a Sekonic L398M light meter, do I have to worry about the shutter degree? Can I just set to the 24 fps mark on the meter? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks Saul. I haven't bought the camera yet. Are there other things I should check before buying the camera?
  11. Hi, This might be a stupid question for you. I searched the web and the forum here and couldn't an answer. Your advice will be appreciated.
  12. Thanks Stephen. That's one thing to think about. Another thing is their payment method. From what I read on their web site, you have to send them payment first, which they will hold until you get the gear and approve it. I'm curious about your experience with them in this regard. Sasithorn
  13. Hi, Have anyone bought gear from them? Are they OK? Thanks.
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