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  1. I need to know if International Festivals prefer 24p or 25p. I'm in the UK and my Canon 600D (T3i) has 24p and 25p. I'm aiming to submit mainly to European festivals, in the UK, Spain, Germany etc. I've read through the requirements of these festivals but they never mention the frame rate. It will be broadcast in an HD format. So what is your experience? I'm not after guesses, I'd prefer to hear from people that have already shown their shorts at festies or have some concrete intel' Thanks, Ocean
  2. Hi, Thanks guys for your replies. I think there were many good things about the film particularly the acting and the look, but I felt it lacked heart, it felt like things just happened for entertainment rather than good drama, you know? but I've seen this in other films of his. There's one where 2 growup women sleep with their on Dads and the scenes just feel like cheap weird fantasy scenes, with no real explanation or dramatic value. It annoys me a bit that he is always spoken of as the greatest of living Spanish directors when I think Julio Medem and Bigas Luna do so many better things. btw, Ocean Zen is my real name. :-)
  3. I saw this last night at the cinema, and it was projected digitally. It has a very sharp llok, one that matches it's theme of surgical precision. I was wondering if it was shot on 35mm or digital, anyone know?
  4. That's right. It's HDMI only Thanks ocean
  5. FS: Blackmagic Intensity Card HDMI Capture It has the original box and was used for a project, that meant it had about 3 hours use. I no longer need it, hence the sale. I take Paypal and you can check out my ebay feedback by looking up username oceanzen - If I don't sell it here - I'll stick it on eBay £115 inc postage to UK and Paypal fees Thanks Ocean
  6. OK - Now I see why this would be 'practically' impossible Thanks for all your suggestions on here - I've been researching the different formats and think taht Technirama would be cool - 8 perf 35mm with a 1.5 squeeze anamorphic lens. That would look excellent - I wonder if any of these cameras or lenses are still in use or still good by today's standards. I realise a lot of you know this stuff, but I thought I'd post some pics as examples. Old technirama camera Here's an 8 perf 1.5 squeeze Technirama negative These give you an idea of the size of the cam
  7. I'm planning my dream setup for a Sci-Fi script I'm writing and will direct in the future. It takes place on a massive space station. I love the look of anamorphic lenses and wondered if it would be possible in theory to design and build anamorphic lenses to shoot onto 15 perf 65mm film. Can you imagine 15 /65mm film with anamorphic lenses? Of course the Aspect ratio would be 2.4:1, so I suppose when shown in imax cinemas not all the screen (about 1.44:1) will be used. But it would still look amazing right? I realise anamorphic lenses were designed to use all of the 35mm frame for widescreen, but since they also have interesting and unique visual properties, I think it is still worth considering. Has anyone done it or thought about it? I've also read about 8 or 10perf 65mm- Maybe they would be better suited? I can imagine people replying saying "Have you considered 2 perf 35mm?" - but I'm asking about anamorphic and 65mm film - and I'm dreaming :) Thanks Here's the 15 perf 65mm And here's 8 perf 65mm and here's a guide to show a comparison between 35mm, 5 perf 65mm and Imax 15 perf
  8. Tjanks for all the replies. When I said I like the look of 2:1 anamorphic I meant the actual squeeze characteristics of the lenses not just the scope aspect ratio, so 2perf is not what I'm interested in. I an lookin to get a real budget. When I said low budget I suppose I really meant in comparison to features, so yes I will also be seeking permission to film on the tube. There is not much dialogue in the underground sections so I will happily do the sound in post. Also I think anamorphic lenses tend to need more light right ? So hopefully with permission we can get some lights down there. Thanks for your help guys and girls
  9. Thanks mate - I'm going to check out those shorts in a minute - EDIT - looks like they'er only available in theatres at the mo' I suppose it comes down to budget, ideally I'd shoot 35mm anamorphic - if not 35mm, then using anamorphics on a digital cam with 35mm size sensor like the red sounds like a good option. Thanks for your help.
  10. I've written a script, and am starting to get the ball rolling for making a 10 min short set in London, that will take place largely on the underground. I love the anamorphic look i.e. using 2:1 squeeze camera lenses, and I think a wide anamorphic lens will be particularly suited to shooting in narrow tunnels (Underground) So, considering this will be a low budget short, (don't have a budget yet) If you were shooting with anamorphic lenses would you shoot on 16mm, Red, HD? Is it even practical to shoot on 35mm for a short, does it ever happen? Are there packages in London to rent like 16mm with anamorphic lenses, or do these not really exist, except for modded lenses/packages. Thanks, Ocean Zen If anyone is interested in my 1st short film, also shot in a tunnel (with a Canon hv20) - Check it out here http://www.vimeo.com/1053489
  11. I should add I'm in the UK, so I suppose whatever it costs in the States I can probably double or even triple it here. Any Londoners?
  12. Thanks very much for the replies. Adrian I will send you an email as that doc sounds very interesting. If you want to keep it personal I understand but have you considered putting the spreadsheet up so everyone can download it? With regards to the anamorphic lenses. I have written the script around the full moon, as I love the look of moon light in the woods/outdoors at night. I think I would be stubborn and choose to add more lights rather than go for spherical lenses. Although, would it be blasphemous for me to even think about mixing super 35 for night and anamorphic 4 perf for day? (I can feel as I'm writing this there may be DPs turning in their graves.) Thanks
  13. Thanks for your answer. So is that $60,000 for 270mins of film? Also would that be 4 perf 35mm, because I would ideally like to shoot anamorphic?
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