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  1. I found some b-rolls on youtube, in case anybody is interested: http://www.youtube.com/user/junebugreview (many behind the scenes there for recent movie releases). It would definitely be nice to have behind the scenes on the actual scene setup and lighting approach though!
  2. Also, any b-rolls or behind the scenes videos (showing lighting setups and such) would be great too.
  3. Does anyone know of any books/website galleries/resources besides American Cinematographer that has movie stills of sets and lighting? Looking for awesome pictures like this: http://www.getyoursnackon.com/deakins.jpg .
  4. Just wondering how the dark gradient starting from the top is achieved in: www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4Z8CqAiYI8& ... whether it's a visual effect in post, or done by layering tons of ND filters or something
  5. Does anyone know of a resource (magazine, websites, books, etc) that shows lighting setups for scenes from feature movies? For example, this page from American Cinematographer (http://tinypic.com/r/a0ifl5/7) shows the setup of a scene and the end result.
  6. Why does most digital footage have this nasty looking color range... everything has this 'greyness' to it that isn't really evident in properly shot film. (example: http://vimeo.com/16483670 -- probably just bad grading, but the highlights in the outdoor soccer scene look really gross).
  7. The Alexa looks awesome! Aren't 'latitude' and 'dynamic range' interchangeable (synonyms)? As well, how does the RED and Canon DSLR cameras compare to the Alexa?
  8. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows of an HD cam out there with the same latitude range as film (11-13 stops generally, I don't know a lot about HD, thus my question). I really like the results of the Canon 5D/7D but they look too 'digital' (not as 'flat' and interesting as film).
  9. If you were hired to attain this certain look ( ), what lights, film stock, and lens would you use? (be specific) Thanks!
  10. When viewing clips (on youtube or vimeo) that were filmed with Russian cameras, or older Arri cameras (or even with the Aaton A-minima), I find they have a poorer quality than videos I've found that claim to be shot with a Arriflex 416 or an SR-3. As such, I am curious as to whether or not an older camera (or cheaper camera, in the case of an A-minima) would affect the image quality in any way. As well I am curious if simply better operation or if a better lens was used, that the DP could attain just as good an image with a 416 as with a Krasnogorsk.
  11. Thanks for the replies and the insight! What sort of camera/lense/film stock would you use to attain this effect, and what would be done in post (if anything besides just pushing the contrast)?
  12. Curious as to what film stock, camera, lenses and lighting that would be used to attain the style of photography in (referring to the band shots, not the blue graded shots): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELvfMJoKDAk as I'm trying to shoot a very mainstream looking music video to a similar effect.
  13. Hi everyone, As pertaining to this video: , how exactly (in specific detail) would one go about attaining the effect of this music video. If you were to be the cinematographer on the video, what lenses/camera/stock would you use, what lighting would be used, and what sort of post processing would be done? Thanks! Tom
  14. ah I see, thanks! is it possible to load motion film into a still camera though? or does it need to be formatted
  15. hey guys, just wondering if it's possible to shoot motion film in a still camera... or if there's any companies that format kodak or fuji for still use... orrrr if there's a resource where I could find still film equivalents of motion film, just trying to do lighting tests without spending a lot of money
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