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  1. Basically trying to fund a new set of glass! Check out some of the videos on vimeo or youtube to see it in action. Most of my clients don't need much gimbal work unfortunately.
  2. $5000 takes it. Upgrades & accessories: 4th Axis bracket docks gimbal onto steadicam arm (diameter: Zolinger/Came 0.630"/16mm) 2 Helix Power Pack batteries Wireless Joystick Custom Carrying Case Helix 15mm Rail Adapter Lemo to 4 way D-Tap Splitter Heavy Duty Camera Plate Helix Material: Aluminum
  3. Price lowered to only $5300 + shipping! This kit retails for $5900 new. This rig is in excellent condition.
  4. I am selling a Letus Helix 4-axis gimbal with several accessories in like new condition. Asking $5400 plus shipping. Options: 4th Axis Spacer Diameter: Zolinger 0.630" (16mm) , 4th Axis Attachment: Top Handle , Helix Power Pack: Yes, with two batteries (+$457.00) , Wireless Option: Yes (FREE $99 Value) , Joystick: Yes (+$124.00) , 2nd Operator Mode Ready (RC): No , Helix Carrying Case: Yes (+$399.00) , Helix 15mm Rail Adapter: Yes (+$84.00) , Camera Power Cable: Lemo to 4 way D-Tap Splitter (+$124.00) , Helix Camera Plate: Heavy Duty Camera Plate (+$99.00) , Helix Material: Aluminum The Letu
  5. I for one am against the zipper, velcro is easier. What I've actually been wanting to do is replace the velcro on my pouch with a magnet. It's silent so you can open it while they're rolling and it'll never wear out. Love the idea of the built in light.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I think I'm going to order this one. I found a number of sites that sold modified magliners and parts. I thought maybe I could save some money by assembling it myself but it's cheaper to buy it pre-built. I'm looking forward to customizing it. In addition to the tripod hooks I also upgraded to the 10" spinning rims! = )
  7. I'm going to be buying a camera cart soon and was looking for some advice. I found one that seems like a pretty good balance between quality/price and is customizable. Is this a good price? Is there any other place to buy camera carts besides filmtools.com? Here's the one I'm looking at Thanks, Brian
  8. Thanks for posting your gear, it's very similar to what I carry. I am curious though how you attach your canned air to your belt. I've been meaning to come up with something so I'm not always reaching for my bag. Thanks, Brian
  9. Thanks everyone for your replies! I think I'll look around a little more.
  10. I'm shopping around for a laser rangefinder and I'm looking at the BOSCH DLR165 and the Hilti PD 4, does anyone have any experience with either brand or model? I've read plenty of reviews but I wanted to see how these performed when used for getting focus marks. Since neither of these models have a viewer I know they will not be ideal for bright outdoor locations. I'm also open to suggestions for other laser rangefinders, but my budget is under $200, most of the shoots I work on are low budget. Thanks for any advice, Brian
  11. Yeah I've been meaning to put up a website, now that I've graduated I'll have time to work on it...right after this feature I'm working on. Thanks for your input! Brian
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