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  1. CANON K-35 T1.4 LENS SET (25, 35, 50 & 80mm) Near MINT condition, beautifully rehoused by CINEOVISION in BNCR Mount. For more pictures please see: http://reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?60375-CANON-K-35-T1.4-LENS-SET-Cineovision-Reshoused&p=783993&posted=1#post783993 #s: 5829899, 5829896, 5829893, & 5829869 With much regret I must sell my beloved Cineovision Canon K35s. These are by far the best lenses I have ever owned. So in the hope that they go to a good home, I am offering them to the Reduser and cinematography community first. The K35s are the only true motion picture lenses to cover the full-frame still format (FF35), enabling them to perfectly work with all film and RED formats, now and in the future, including Red One 4K, Epic 5K and even Epic 6K. CINEOVISION is one of the most respectable cine lens manufacturer in the world. Their anamorphic lenses sell for over $30.000 each. These lenses have been built with exactly the same quality and craftsmanship standards. You don't come across a lens set like this too often, if ever. The K-35 cine lenses are very sharp and contrasty, right on par with Zeiss Super Speeds. In fact they are especially renown for being sharper than Zeiss when wide-open. All in all, they are wonderful, extremely fast cine lenses. The K35s are NOT converted still lenses but were originally designed for cinematography. They feature beautiful, solid housings, expanded focus scales and common diameter fronts. The lenses are clear and clean. The coatings are near flawless. The 85mm may have a few faint cleaning marks on the front element. It is hard to tell. All rings rotate smoothly. The lens set is FACTORY MATCHED, perfectly collimated and all of the lenses have been projected producing an amazing edge to edge flat image. Asking $14,000 for the set. The lenses are in Chicago for those who might be in the area.
  2. I recently bought a beautiful set of four TAMAHA Super Speed lenses in BNCR mount: a 28mm f2.0 , a 35mm f1.4 , a 55mm f1.2 and a 85mm f1.8 . They seem to be Nikon rehoused lenses. It's my understanding that they were designed and manufactured in England by Mike Tapa, former Chief Engineer at Optex. Does anybody have any information about these lenses...? TVM! Sergio
  3. Hello Tony! It's been years since you posted this message. Is Bill Woodhouse still around? Do you have his contact information? Thank you very much an kind regards, Sergio sergiodow@gmail.com
  4. Victor: Do you still have the CSP's set? Thank you very much, Sergio Dow sergiodow@gmail.com
  5. ...and how do they compare optically to the current Zeiss...?
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