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  1. Viper 4:4:4 greenish tint : Hi, This is Arun from Bangalore,India. There is a project that used the Viper camera for a fiction recently.They have recorded on a D-2 tape using Sony SRW 4:4:4 recording .The project is complete now. There is 2 mins sequence where clouds should be replaced and one day for night sequence. i have a small facility . i have received DPX sequence of the shots to work from the facility. but the shots are greenish , please let me know if there is any 1D LUT or 3d LUT available to remove or base color correct the sequence to remove greenish tint. I have to import the DPX sequence without that greenish tint. to Auto desk Combustion or : Auto desk Smoke : and ADOBE or a small work flow Looking Forward Regards Arun Kumar India
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