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  1. I am new to the world of cinematography but I love to try and create beautiful shots that i've seen in films but sometimes I think to myself "What is that shot called?" or "How do they do that?". So I thought that you all could help me with names of shots, what it does, an example (link), and if possible how the shot was made. I'll give an example. Name: Reverse Tracking or Hitchcock Zoom What it does : The characters remain the same size while the background changes perspective. Example: How shot is created: The camera operator is on a dolly being pulled backwards slowly as he is zooming in on the subject. Name: Snorricam What it does: The character remains in focus as the background becomes warped. Example: How shot is created: The camera is strapped to the actors body. Please give as many examples as possible so that filmmakers can learn off of this information. I know that I could learn a lot from this myself. And please correct me if I am wrong about the information. Thanks, Daniel Peña
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