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  1. Hello! We're a small production company, looking for a NYC (IATSE) DP/operator for an on going project--approx 2 days per week, starting mid-November and ending in February. This is behind the scenes for a new network show (more info about the show will be provided). We're looking for a DP who will operate as well and is comfortable with eng sound (will need to lav up interviewees on occasion). You'll primarily be shooting EPK style b-roll and interviews. We will consider those with and without gear packages. Obviously this isn't the job for someone who is seeking long-term projects on features, but it's not the typical cliche BTS. Please send CV, reels/work, and any other info about yourself to jmiller@eikonic.com thanks, Jason
  2. Hi all, I started a production company in Athens, GA a few years ago. I used to work on a lot of commercials, but have really focused on the music industry the last year or so. It has been fun and good experience, but terrible money. There aren't many opportunities in Athens anymore, so in addition to feedback on my reel I'm REALLY hoping for some advice as to where I should move to NY or LA. I have contacts in both cities, but I'm wondering which is more sensible for someone with the type of reel that I have. reel is at http://www.eikonic.com/uploads/proofs/demo_12_5.mov website: http://www.eikonic.com thanks in advance, Jason Miller owner/producer
  3. I found out that it's setup for euro power, so not I have to solve the problem ov getting it switched over to 60hz before figuring out how to power it. :( it's still a good deal. head and ballast for $2500. -Jason
  4. Hi all, I picked up an Arri 2500 Daylight compact HMI and a 2500 CB ballast off of ebay. it just arrived and the connection to power the ballast is cut off...now i know that the right way to run this light is to power it off of a generator, but if I'm careful, is it possible to run it off of household power? If so, is there a special type of edison plug I should purchase or just the basic heavyy duty connector?? Thanks so much, Jason www.eikonic.com
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