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  1. Our website is up, but the film is still in preproduction, so unfortunately no screenshots or a trailer yet. But, a good deal of information. If interested feel free to have a look around. HorseheadCinema.com
  2. Hi James, I greatly suspect you will have to have something like that machined. I have a kinor 35H myself, and from my experience using several arris and even eclair, camera "attachments" with the exception of a few things like the tripod screw, weren't meant to "go together". I had a tripod plate for the kinor machined. Took about a day or so, but since you're not dealing with electrical components or complex mechanical parts, it shouldn't be too difficult. Sorry if that didn't help as much as you had hoped. www.horseheadcinema.com
  3. Bump topic. Anyone have any ideas? www.horseheadcinema.com
  4. Thank you very much Alex. Would it also have the full-screen capabilities like the video streams you see on youtube? www.horseheadcinema.com
  5. First off, we're new to this forum, so greetings to everyone. This is more website related than it is "cinematography" related, so we thought we'd post it here. Does anyone know how to embed FLV or MOV formatted videos into HTML? This would mainly be used to post a short trailer or bonus footage on a webpage. Any help would be great. Many thanks in advance. horseheadcinema.com
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