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  1. blain murphey

    Red Workflow

    Hi, I recently got a job for a Red Feature and I just found out im responsible for the workflow also along with my 1st AC duties. I have never done offloading Red Footage. Can anyone tell me what all needs to be done. We will be shooting with the Red Drive and CF Cards
  2. Thanks everyone for the input I will look into the Arri Varicon.
  3. Hey everyone, I was wondering what film flashing was and how to do it. Is it in the processing. Thanks
  4. Hey all, Could anyone give me tips to cleaning cleans, supplies i need, what is the best out there. ect. I have a micro fiber cloth and some lens tissue and some cleaning spray. Anything else I need. Not really sure how to get a lens cleaned the way the professionals would
  5. Hey all, I would like to know some proper lens cleaning techniques and supplies I need. Thanks
  6. Hello everyone, Can someone help me out with the proper slate technique for film and Digital. I was slating the other day and i got yelled at by the dp that i wasn't slating right. Can anyone help. Also how do you use a smart slate. When you set the timecode do you just set the time code the same on the slate? Thanks
  7. Yeah, I've been working in Vancouver and Seattle. Believe it or not LA is not the only place they Film. All of my connection are up there and every one i have been talking to in LA say its really slow here right now. I think i need to join the union down here. IF any one is in need of a First or 2nd. Let me know.
  8. Thank for the info. I have experience so im not really looking for free Loading work. I have experience as a 1st ac and 2nd with 35mm, 16mm, and big hd cameras like the F23 and Genesis. So i was looking at maybe getting on one of the websites. I also like the idea of 411 guide. Thanks
  9. Hello, Im sort of new to LA. And i was wondering if any one could give me some tips on were i could find some AC jobs. That is not Craigslist.
  10. If possible could i get a copy of those.
  11. Thanks every one for the advise. When it comes to Camera Reports what is the difference between film and digital. You still use the same reports right?
  12. I was wondering if any one could tell me everything i need to know about being a 1st and 2nd AC. Be it on Digital and Film Cameras. and also tips and tricks they have found worked for them in the past.
  13. Thanks for the Operating Manual. Im not sure right now were we are getting the camera from. But im going to make sure i get to sit through the prep session at the rental house. Does Panavision Hollywood rent out F23's. If so would it be possible to come down and sit through a prep if there is one going on some time this week. I dont shoot for two weeks so i have some time to learn the camera. and I am familiar with the F900 so i doesn't seem that it is going to be to hard.
  14. Hello, I got a job on a Feature that is filming on the Sony F23. I have never used it and dont use digital that much. Is there anything that would be usefull for me to know on this camera. I am the 1st AC. Any extra gear i should ask for in Prep.
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