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  1. Hi guys! I got from a friend a big roll of 35mm 5369 Kodak Panchromatic and I need some informations on this kind of film stock. I didn't find what I wanted to know on the internet concerning this. Thank you very much ! :)
  2. Hi folks ! I was wondering if someone can help me to process Hi-Con at home. I already got the D-19 developper and a Kodak Fixer but I haven't seen any info on this process. I was wondering how long the film has to be in each steps. Thanks
  3. Thanks a lot guys ! :) I'll try some possibilities and I'll let you know the results !
  4. I'm trying to cross-process (with hands in buckets) some Kodak negative stock with the E-6 process but i've got some problems with the rem-jet backing. Does anybody have a trick to remove this backing ? I've got a formula that is supposed to work. PREBATH (PB-2)Recipe (for 2L of working solution): Start with 1.5L of water 1. Anti-Calcium No. 4 – 2ml 2. Borax (decahydrate) – 40g 3. Sodium Sulfate (anhydrous) – 200g 4. Sodium Hydroxide (aka Lye, Caustic Soda) – 2gOr Sodium Metaborate (aka Kodalk balanced alkali) – 20g 5. Water to make 2L But even with this formula, I wasn't able to get rid of the backing. Thanks a lot :)
  5. Hi folks. I heard somewhere about film acceleration and I was wondering if any of you guys has some information on this process. I had a look on the internet, I didn't find anything on 16mm. Do you know if it's possible to use the E-6 process instead the C-41 ? Thanks :)
  6. Ok thank you ! I'm not use with black and white processing. Does anybody have a formula for this kind of process (even if it's home-made). :D
  7. Hi folks. I just bought some Kodak developer D-76 from a guy and I was wondering if I can hand-process black and white film with it. Thanks :)
  8. You should have a look on the book by Helen Hill '' Recipes for disaster''. You can find it on the web (in PDF format). Actually this is not a book only on processing, but the concept is quite interesting. It is full of tricks from many filmmakers (mostly experimental filmmakers) concerning either processing (some good recipes for processing :) ) and experimental technics.
  9. Thanks ! Actually I'm processing my stock at home with buckets ! I tried this morning to add another washing step between the Bleach step and the Fixer step and there was no negative effect ; i'm sure my Fixer won't be too much contaminated with Bleach now.
  10. Hi guys ! I was wondering during the E-6 process, can we put another wash step right after the Bleach step ? Because I'm always using my chemical more than 5 times per 2 L solution... they are working well except for my Fixer ; there's too much bleach in it (it's impossible to remove all of it while you put it in the other bucket), so it's why I was wondering if adding another wash step will ruine my stock. Thanks Guillaume
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