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  1. Hello everybody! Do you know the "Canon zoom 6.6/66mm" for Super 16 (Full aperture 2.7) ? What is its quality and aspect ? It is very difficult to get informations on it : It's easier to find some informations about the 8/64mm for instance... Thanks!
  2. Yes, it is! Kodak describes it as a stock very similar to the EXR 500T but with the vision 2 generation technology and characteristics (more latitude and different grain structure). It comes from the DoP request to have a very contrast and saturated stock (more than '18 or '19). But the '60 is only available in 35 stock (not super 16). I shot outdoor, in Bretagne (French west coast) and the result is nice : it gives interresting colors in the landscapes or in the sky. It gives also some grainy texture, but nice on faces. From my experience, I would say that the '60 is a great stock. Kodak says it approximatively gives to the DoP a 10 stops latitude. See you!
  3. Hello! As DoP on a short film produced by La Femis (french school) in 35mm, I used the new Kodak 5260 (500T, vision 2). It was very nice : it offers a great contrast, saturated colors and a it's more grainy than the vision 3 stock. I took the stock at 400 or 320 ISO, to have deep blacks. Did someone use this new stock ? I'd like to have your opinion on this! Bye!
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