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  1. Hi Ian, Congratulations, good to hear you are on it this year as well! Last year we didn't see anything till the day, all about thinking on your feet! It was great fun though - looking forward to meeting you both! Not long to go now! Steven
  2. I attended the workshop last year and got a reserve place for 2012 entry. I am also doing the workshop this year so will see you there ( it's a shame London will be in full olympic swing then...! Steven
  3. kl. Will let you know how it all goes. Should hear tomorrow about the next stage, fingers crossed. Will give you a shout if anything comes up that could work together on - good to know there are other young DP's about trying to fight their way in!! Steven
  4. Hi Ian, i had no connections. I had applied last year as a 'late applicant' with a rough cut of my grad film. Went for interview but wasn't really ready for it. Interview went well this year though so fingers crossed. They told me they had over 300 applicants and only had 30 interviews. To be honest it seems to be no judgement on your work per se, they seemed really keen on this idea of having a diverse range of students - wahtever that means. Should hear back next week about workshop stage - just hoping I get puled through on a 'token scot' card! I think your reel was more impressive than mine looking at it so no idea what the thinking is. Best of luck with everything!
  5. It was an email only heard late Friday afternoon though - I can;t believe how long it takes for them to get back to you - been biting my nails for weeks and will have to cancel a holiday if I get through to the workshop (it's at the end of the month). Good Luck!
  6. This showreel? I just heard back the other day and have my interview next Monday!!
  7. Lovely work! Have you applied for the NFTS this year? I've also applied. Just waiting to hear back!!
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