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  1. Hi, Guys If you are interested in learning to up you production value, RC helicam is the tool that can do just that. Problem is that they are very challenging for people who are not incline with operating Radio control crafts. We have created the first all dedicated aerial photography forum, www.APGeeks.com for people interested in the craft. It's a friendly environment for anyone to learn and ask question. You won't get hostile response from other experience members that many of these one subcategory AP forum will experience. We have both beginner and pro pilot section, so you won't tick off other members. Check it out and your questions will be answered. Jason
  2. Current Rig are setup for Canon SLRs. We have ones that can carry 6 lb cameras comfortably and have carried up to 9lb setups such as the SI 2K on link below. Have never carry a HD link before, if camera and HD link weight less than 9Lb range, than that's fine. Depends on the flight patterns required. Flying along people and keep some distance then that's fine. If flying over people if require, then have to fly with our Multicopter that's much safer than Helicams with a HD hero camera and use the remaining payload for the HD transmitter. How much does the HD transmitter weight? Jason Aerial Photography New York to San Francisco www.SkyShutter.com
  3. Hey, Guys We specialize in low altitude Aerial Photography with RC heliCam. You guys can view some samples here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgs0PLC-cgc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-bMb86VdKk Aerial Photography New York and San Francisco www.SkyShutter.com
  4. Phil, Thanks for the suggestion and I just happen to be in San Francisco at the time. So it was the perfect project for me. Glad that you like it. Jason
  5. That is great. Wow, Red on the quadCopter. Here is my design of All In One HeliCam, AeriCam. http://www.AeriCam.com Jason
  6. Here it is in color. http://www.jasonlamphotography.com/sfpano2.jpg
  7. Here is a recreation of the famous earthquake shot. I didn't shoot the shot at the same angle as it's a very busy ferry port. I shot it about 2 blocks off center from the original location. Here is a link to the San Francisco Aerial photo. http://www.jasonlamphotography.com/sfpano.jpg
  8. I am actually in San Francisco for another week visiting. And I bought my still photo Helicopter, I might just go down to the piers and try that shot. Will post it if I got the shot. Jason
  9. Dranganfly carry some where around 1 to 2 lb payload. My helicopter carries up to 10 plus lb payload.
  10. Hi, Guys I am currently looking to buy an eyemo 71 type camera. Since there's so many models made, which one should I look for if, I want lightest weight eyemo that can fit a Nikon lens? Is an adopter needed for the nikon lens? And where can I buy one? Sorry for so many questions, Thank you. Jason
  11. Hi, All these video were shot by just me, When there's a second camera operator, who can operate the roll will to keep horizon more level. There's also a new item IMU on the horizon, it's available, but I will just wait a bit long for them to fix a few bugs. The IMU will keep perfect Horizon even flying solo without a camera operator.
  12. Depends on the weather. Windy day will need post stabilization. This is shot with a Sony HC5 1080i camera. I have helicopter that carry EX1 and HPX170. Here is a new mix video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2u2RnGUHSI Jason
  13. My Aerial Photography Site have been up Aerial Photography New York www.SkyShutter.com
  14. I saw the behind the scene, some are done with hot air balloon, some probably with Helicopter. I am in the process of perfecting my RC helicopter cam. In the next couple of month, it will have Gyro Stabilization. Here are 2 clip without gyro stabilization. http://vimeo.com/3273324 http://vimeo.com/3344755 jason
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