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  1. Hello Once again, I had started a new thread today regarding the Sony HDR-12, but it seems like the moderators have removed it. So my new question to consumer HD camcorder users. Which would you recommend the HDR-SR12 ( SR11 / SR12 ), or the Canon Vixia HV30? What would you recommend these models or a different model. I am looking to purchase 3 within this week. I know the issues with the Sony microphone. Who has used these models, and what is your feedback? Thanks Karo M.
  2. We will be filming underwater for one of our future projects, but it will be little snippets inserted in the film.
  3. Thank you for the info guys. I am not shocked at some of the stupid comments from the forum members. I currently own a Sony HDR-FX1 but I am not sure if I want to use that for my upcoming project. I am new to this field and I want to get some really good quality pornography. I am almost 100% sure that everyone on the forum watches porn so I dont like the fact that porn is not accepted and looked upon as embarising. I plan to film in HD because I think that a sharp and clear shot is important. But how would I get the good details and not the bad? Would I need difussors or can this be taken care of in editing? thanks for the input guys, I will start filming next week. Any suggestions guys? THANKS, Karo M. Hollywood Flixxx
  4. Hello to everyone! Well I just registered after doing muiliple searches on cameras, and I am still unsure of what camera I will need for a porno flic. I am getting ready to work on a adult film and I am stuck because I dont know what type of camera to buy. I have heard excellent reviews on the RED ONE but is that what I really need to film? I want to create a film that has the quality of big porno studio. Any suggestions? Thanks
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