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  1. Thanks guys, some good advice there. Will be testing the dusk option this weekend. Also hadnt thought about the option of the 'poor mans process' seeing as there shouldnt be anything in the background. Another trick i was thinking about was maybe having an oncoming car with its headlights on, it might emphasize the danger of the moment, though it might dilute the idea a bit just by adding more elements to the scene. Again, some tests are the best way to find out which route to take, so thanks for the advice, Il come back with a report on our results. Thanks again
  2. Hey guys. We have a scene coming up where a car speeds through a police check point (on a country road) and turns off its lights to avoid being recognised. As it speeds away I want to get a couple of shots; the cars pov and close ups of the passengers and driver. its just that in the reality of the situation, there should be no source of light!! Now we are on a very tight budget, so lighting a whole stretch road is kind of out of the question. As i said its on a country road so there is no street lighting. Motivation would come from the car lights in the scene leading up to the checkpoint, then the blue lights of the checkpoint and police car, before we go into complete darkness. Basically what im trying to show is the ballsyness/insanity of the driver by taking it upon himself to race on without his car lights at night. Its based on a story i heard about such an occurence. So im wondering if anyone had any advice on how to light it, or how to cover it that i can cheet it. Im thinking day for night would obviously be too jarring of a difference between the car lit night look and suddenly your in day for night. On the other hand, if it was used right it might lend an eerie mood to the scene. I was thinking of maybe pulling the sound to add to it, just for those few seconds. Anyone have any advice or ideas on how to pull this off. Thanks very much.
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