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  1. Thanks. I'll have a look again, didn't notice them before.
  2. Have just put this together after graduating at Bournemouth Film School and would appreciate any feedback and ideas to make it better. Cheers http://vimeo.com/11698731
  3. Hey, Am just wondering what the best post graduate cinematography course is in America? Like the equivalent to the MA Cinematography course at The National Film & Television School in London.
  4. I'm sure stuff can be cut but I'm not sure what. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks. http://vimeo.com/5314605
  5. Yeah i totally agree. It was one of those shoots that went wrong and over schedule and we were shooting in an overcast forest with 50D as the sun was disappearing :S i didnt think id get anything, but I'm surprised at the latitude of film. But yeah I guess the eyes are the first place you look. Should of tried to bounce some light in there or something.
  6. dont worry I'm not taking it personally, just didn't quite understand what you meant. Yeah I think its too much of a contrast. Maybe it would have been better with the interviews outside.
  7. What do you mean exactly simon? could you elaborate at all?
  8. cheers dude. Yeah i kind of agree. i wish I could have shot it all on film.
  9. An experimental documentary about girls in love for the first time. Shot for a 2nd year project on the BA Film Production course at The Arts Institute at Bournemouth. This is the first film I have shot on 16mm film. It was shot on an ArriSR2 on Kodak 50D and the interviews were shot with a JVC HD Camera. Would very much appreciate any feedback, cheers http://vimeo.com/4107492
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