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  1. Thanks Everyone who commented! I know 10 Dollar budget sounds like I'm lying.. But All the equipment was owned or borrowed by myself. All food was paid for by the individuals. Tape stock was my only expense as I worked for free, and i shot on the DVX100B so tapes were cheap. The story was conceptualized beforehand, and I visualized how I wanted it to look. I wanted the interior scenes to appear very "fly-on-the-wall". So I shot a lot of full length takes from different vantage points. The look was painted in post, but the single key look was intentional. There was no specific influence.. i just knew how I wanted him to appear to the audience. Very little eye contact and reserved but friendly. Thanks again for the comments! Kyle
  2. so even with the mistakes... am i correct state that the F will always be equal to or higher than the T stop (higher # i mean) and the T stop is actually the natural F number minus the amount of light the lens absorbes. thus being a more exact representation of what hits the film?
  3. Ive been led to believe that F stops and T stops are almost identical. I don't shoot film and thus sounds stupid right now, but this has been bugging me for some time. in video and HD i have no concern for T-stops... The F is determined from the T stop with some math formula correct? ie. aperature / ASA? i dont know
  4. One day shoot? I assume there's a rental house nearby. If your time is worth anything to you just rent a couple sky-hi stands and a 6x6 or 12x12 frame and a silk. It won't cost you much at all and saves you loads of hassle. I would suggest once youve rented the real stuff you will have a better idea how to build your own in the future Oh and don't forget the crucial sandbags!
  5. I posted this earlier with higher compression and some of you wanted to see a better image. http://live.canoe.ca/Videos/Showbiz/Music/...22/3425551.html It was kindof a run-and-gun production with a 10 dollar budget but dont let that held back on criticisms! Thanks
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I will be contacting them to get a final answer and will post my response on here ASAP. If anyone else feels they may have any insight into this topic please continue to discuss. On a side note: Personally I see absolutely no reason why shooting 720P (24p native) on the HVX wuld be a problem for them considering the quality is still great and they are receiving/broadcasting an SD version anyways! comments? Thanks Kyle Geerkens
  7. I agree I have never seen this wording before either. hence the question. I will quote the page directly: "Videos shot on 35mm ?lm have a ?ne grain, details in the blacks, increased resolution that allows lower levels in lighting while still maintaining the integrity of the scene and an overall vibrancy in colours that does not exist in 16mm or super 16. In certain cases, HD24P as a shooting format is acceptable if a Digital Betacam master is submitted. Please note, regular Hi-Def will not be considered." "Shooting Requirements: 1. Video must be shot on 35mm ?lm or HD24P" So to clarify... I don't think I'm being dumb here.. this is very vague. It sounds like its written by someone who has no idea what theyre talking about. I get this from the written specs: Forgetting about film.... they want any High Def - But not shot at 30FPS to avoid the "video look". To me it sounds like they have heard a bunch of buzz words and are using them to sound specific. If I am wrong please tell me!! They did not specify what film formats. But I do not have the budget to shoot film in any case!
  8. Kyle Geerkens


    I'm proposing a music video and in order to receive funding from the broadcaster there are some specs that confuse me. I want to shoot with the HVX200... Their spec sheet says that they will not accept Hgh Def. They want film or HD24P. What confuses me is the difference between high def and HD24P. Obviously they want the 24P look. So do I. So are they just saying that i can't shoot HD at 29.97 FPS and have to make sure it is 23.98? Or is there a specific camera they are directing me towards?
  9. I find that as much as you can plan for sunlight... watch out for the overcast day. It is well known that yes... overcast gives a nice flat light... it also tends to look dull and lacks emotion/dynamics. Bring a strong source to at least be able to simulate some direction to the light. Even a 1K or 2K will do ona budget for your MS and Cu's (with bounce of course) I recently shot Sony Z1U on a very murky day in Florida and was thoroughly unimpressd with my end result. so cross your fingers and do as everyone has said... block well and don't let the director get married to some blocking if it's going to ruin the shot.
  10. Thanks for the comments guys. I agree. For the indoor horror stuff. I truly ws running out of time. I did want the bright look to contrast teh dark basement but I failed there without being able to really shapy my light. Live and learn i guess. The phone conversation in the edn took me out of the mood. the idea ws that We would stay on one shot and I would reality/style shoot it (ie. slight handheld crash zooms) I think it was a mistake to even have the phone conversation in there. Booooorrrrring.... Seany Sauce (music video artist) liked the cover this face idea. SO we kept it. We did discuss the fact that his face would not be recognizable. But in the end his call was to stick with that mood. Again thanks for the info. Id be interested to hear some conventional ideas for lighting a sunny indoor day witha bright mood.. yet properly shaping shadows to create a horror feel. Kyle
  11. All i can think of if youre balacing on 1/4 blue and using a warming filter already is you're overexposing the faces thus losing colour. either the balance or the warming filter alone should fix this. Is it pale in your viewfinder or just on output?
  12. Hi Posters! I know it's lame, but I figure the only way to get better is to show people your work and let them tell you what you did wrong. Here are 2 Videos i shot recently. The First one was in the fall for a 24 Hour film challenge. I know... many of you think these are lame because they don't aim for perfection. But I like them because they test how well you can imagine and create a scene quickly. i think it really puts your technical/creative juices to the test! What do you think? This one is a music video I shot for a friend. The Story was not designed by me. Just lighting and shooting. Comments would be very much appreciated! And if you like the song be sure to let the artist know! Needs some exposure. Thats why i did it for free ! haha Thanks!
  13. Ya i know what you mean. After doing mine, I really do want to do more. I think it's more for the fun than creating a masterpiece. I also find it fun to light with limited time and see what you can accomplish. And there were many in the festival that were absolutely stellar. Truth be told, i would rather fill my weekend stressed out on that challnege than sitting on my arse all day.! thanks for your comments
  14. Hey Loyal Posters, I just completed a short for a festival in Toronto called the 48 Hour film Challenge. i knnow many other cities do the same thing so i won't bore you with the details. Essentially: 48 hours from concept to completion 10 people max including actors 4 criteria to abide by Mine: Location - Mechanics Garage Genre - Romance Crisis - Running into an ex Prop - Pin the tail on the donkey It's posted online and I'd like you all to see it and tell me what you think or would do differently if you can. Keep in mind i was DP not diretcor. Also once we shot something we were hard pressed to reshoot if it didnt work in post as I'm sure you understand. Enjoy... Kyle www.stealingtime.com click on "cient login" Username - "tfc" Pass - "2006" Kyle Geerkens Director of Photgraphy
  15. I'm going to texas next week to shoot a sfatey video for a contract job. I will be shooting large machinery in wide but busy places. Here's what I have to work with: -no genny, but lots of available circuits. -1 4K Barter -1 x 1K tungsten (baby baby) -3 x 650W Tungten (arri) -1 x 300W Tungsten -1 x 400W Joker HMI kit i can budget more but not much and i think the Barter with other lights should cover me for wider shots. A lot of this is free shooting (ie light the area and shoot B-roll) I'm going for a lot of Employees working with factory equipment sequences. any suggestions? Kyle Geerkens Director of Photography
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