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  1. I would imagine that the switch mechanism would be the same in all the Arri-S types;; though mine is in the high 7000's. Fortunately I don't really need the larger assembly, as it really is just a spring. If everyone wanted $100 for a spring, I'd probably end up drilling a hole in my Arri and solder my own switch into it. That rubber piece is insane. People who wanted it could probably cut their own rubber out using a good thick piece of rubber, and a dremel tool. Thanks for your response! ~Dustin
  2. Alright, my Arri-S has been operating perfectly, right up until the On/Off switch quit working. Unfortunately this was on base (I'm Air Force) while I was filming. It is not the button that is not working (on the cover); that operates just fine. I took off the cover to the switch mechanism, there is a contact that PIVOTS due to the pressure from a spring. When the button is pressed down, the spring pressure makes this contactor pivot up or down to send power on or off. Anyway, the black pivoting piece seems to be broken but still operational, and the spring is worn. Does an Arri te
  3. Alright, I have an Arri-S with a model # in the 7000's (not that that matters to the question really...) I just located a motor that a guy has, and he *thinks* it might be for an Arri-M. As far as I can remember, Arri-M motors are interchangable with the Arri-S; is that right? The guy selling it says it is a 60 Cycle motor, 42v (I think he said? But that's a lot of voltage for one little motor...). The serial number is something like 2390. It has a cable coming off of it, he said it is a 6-Pin cable (see the picture). So really, what I'm asking, is what is the purpose of this moto
  4. Hi Simon, I couldn't find any pictures of the tape recorder I am having sent to me (my mom is sending it to me from home; used to use it when I was a kid), but I did find an Ebay auction of what that seems to be exactly like it, here's the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/VINTAGE-SONY-REEL-TO-R...%3A1|240%3A1318 It's just a reel-to-reel tape recorder. Hopefully it'll serve it's purpose decently enough. If you have a better suggestion for sound (keep in mind that I am in the military, and we don't get paid a whole lot of money), I'd be willing to listen. As for the studio. I figure
  5. Well I feel like a fool! Thanks for your quick response, Tim. I should be about ready to shoot, once I get the film, then. I've got a magnetic reel-to-reel tape recorder coming soon, so once sound is up and running, and film is here, it should be set! Thanks a lot for your help, Tim, especially for the RC car battery idea! ~Dustin Hicks
  6. Dustin Hicks

    Arri 16S

    I just got my Arri 16S up and running. Thanks for giving the advice on the RC Car batteries. I powered it up using audio cables that plug in good-n-tight, and hooked it up to a 7.2v Nikko battery which seems to power up the variable speed motor just fine. The next question I have is about the film. As far as I can tell, Kodak discontinued the double-perf film, and is now only making single-perf super-16mm film. Anyone have a clue as to how I can locate any type of film that will run through the Arri-S? I'm assuming you could still run single perf film as long as it's not Super-16 format.
  7. Hi Tim, Thanks for the quick response. I found Shelton Comm. in Texas; very good site. I'm guessing it wouldn't be that hard to wire the cables to the battery(ies) and just plug it in. 7.2V sounds like it should do it for an 8V constant speed motor; even the Arri-S manual says you can run the camera off of 6V DC. Thanks for your help, ~Dustin
  8. I recently acquired an Arri ST, it has a constant speed motor, and no battery package. I just found one on Ebay that is powered by Makita drill batteries - does anyone know how this is done? I can't really find any Arri battery packs anywhere, and really do not want to spend a lot of money on something like batteries. . . If anyone can help me figure out my power problem I'd be extremely grateful. I'd really love to power this thing with drill batteries, but I don't even know where to start when it comes to getting the voltage to 8v and 3.6amps (is that right?), or wiring the cable to the
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