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  1. Pardon me. I forgot about those. Of those, I still think Empire of the Sun is the best. The attack of the P-51s and the scene where jim walks up to the Zero before being interned at the camp are amazingly shot.
  2. If Im not mistaken, Empire of the Sun is their only collaboration other than the work they did together in film school. I agree, though - it is truly great work. I saw that film several times in the theatre when I was 17. I have not seen it since. My hope is that it will come out on Blu-ray soon. CE3K looks absolutely amazing on BRD.
  3. thanks a lot everyone. Of the pairings mentioned where there are multiple collaborations (Like Coens/Deakins), are there any that you think are particular stand-outs? I think the Big Lebowski is a good example of how the Coen's goofball style and Deakins' wide angle techniques go so well together. I really love the bowling montage at the beginning - I never thought bowling could look so beautiful. C
  4. Traffic is one of my favorite films - A couple of years ago I did a short doc on Hurricane Ivan and I watched that after every day of shooting. there was something about it that was very inspirational while I was making that film.
  5. I'm curious to know what everyone out there thinks are some of the greatest collaborations of Director and Cinematographer. I'm thinking of films that have the unique style of a particular director but that the cinematographer has also been able to leave their stamp as well. One that comes to mind for me is Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I think Spielberg's early style really comes out on that film and I'm sure that Zsigmond had a lot to do with it. I'm hoping the answers here will help to add to my DVD/Blu-ray collection Thanks in advance C
  6. Perhaps it was bad because he was trying to emulate the style and look set by Slocombe on the other three films. Kaminski, to my eye is a completely different kind of shooter. C
  7. Cool, I recognize the first as Barry Lyndon, but what is the second image from? C
  8. If you could create a large format coffee table book of your favorite single frames of film from any movie, what would your top 10 be and why? Or, to put it another way, which frames would you blow up and print and decorate your walls with? Thanks Chris
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