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  1. I'm DP'ing my first film. It's independent and ultra low budget. This marks the first time I've lit a scene for moonlight and I have a question (and probably several more). I have a scene where two characters are hiding behind a bush and discussing a plan to rescue a captive person. The director likes the look of the backlit moonlight with a little fill out front to just bring out the details in the face. I think I have that part settled. Where it gets tricky though is that one character is slightly behind another. The front character turns and looks back to the one behind him and the scene calls for an over the shoulder shot of the back character looking at the front characters face. The front character's face will then be pointed TOWARD the back light. Is this generally acceptable or should I relight the shot where the front character looks back to have the same backlight look. Will that confuse the viewers, messing with the light continuity? Also, there will be a cut to a wider shot of the building they are scouting and the plan was just one light to represent the moon to one side of the building. Is that looked at as acceptable to switch between moonlight styles within the scene? Are there any online resources that discuss the basics of moonlighting? Thanks everyone!
  2. Hi everyone. This is my first post, as I just found this forum tonight and I must say it seems like a great place! I spent way too long reading all the production journals! On to my question. I'll be DP on a film (my first time actually) that will be set around the Revolutionary War. The lighting I'm going for will be very natural looking. Therefore on interior night scenes, I'd like to light simply by placing lanterns in the appropriate places. No frills, no softboxes, no fancy hairlights. The scenes will be intense and gritty. You know, discussions of war and loyalties in secret, that kind of thing. Think "The Patriot" just on a cheap no budget, no big name actors, little indie kinda thing. :) Any ideas as to how to do this? I can find replica lanterns from the era, but obviously they are built for candles. Any ideas on mounting some sort of battery powered light on the inside? The light would need to be low kelvin, as I will have daylight balanced compact fluorescents outside to mimic moonlight. The film will shot in HD of some sort. Haven't decided what yet. Possibly a Sony EX1. So I don't need super hight watt bulbs. Thanks for any ideas!
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