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  1. This is a sensitive post, no names will be used, only " client " and " talent "...... I produced a video for a " client " in August. The " talent " highlighted for the video for I was just told today hasn't ever seen the finished work. I was told when the " client " hired me, the video was for talents family, so thought nothing of it, except please the client. I was at a funeral today for a family member, in attendance was the sister of the " talent "...I was told by the family member of the talent how upset they were that the client hasn't shared the video with them. My question is, should I sent the talent the video I have or steer clear ?? I have spoken with the talent, as we are related through marriage turns out, but I also know to respect the client who paid me, regardless of how any feels.....
  2. Thank you gentlemen very much. I hope we all can be super successful on our individual paths. A dream was to be invited in to the A.S.C., but that's what dreams are made of ....
  3. I recently won an award for Best Cinematography for a documentary short film I was Producer/Director/DP/Editor. I was then called by Dean Semler (oscar winner for Cinematography on Dances with Wolves), Apacolypto and many more. I was absolutely thrilled he called me, as I met Dean in film school in MT, while he was directing. Dean was so down to earth, friendly, interested in me and this little film, as I was of his career, he was terrific to just talk too....I've met some and worked with some extreme ego's and narcissists in my career, but his genuiness really spoke volumes to me.....truly a pleasure
  4. Thank you David and Bill. My dream was to become an ASC member, still is...I greatly greatly admire the ASC members, truly fantastic artists/craftsman....the award is for documentary short i was Producer/Director/DP/Editor, shot entirely on Canon T2i, for about 600 bucks, runs 8:40..... please don't be too cruel in your reviews (haha), as I still see the flaws, but very proud of the work Magic Tap Cloggers documentary short
  5. Was just honored with a Best Cinematography from the Chandler Int'l Film Fest in AZ. just hoping this will lead to more work......
  6. I normally plug camera into computer, transfer all video raw into my desktop folder, etc..... I tried again to use SD card from Lumix to Canon, then noticed the Canon icon doesn't appear on my desktop as normal (??) I went to Computer, noticed ONLY (1) icon still of video showed up from a shoot I was on, but not all the footage (???) it's very confusing.....I assume it's not reading all files or just one ????
  7. I tried my standard memory card from Lumix to Canon, didn't work at all (??), no idea why ??? I don't have a card reader either.....
  8. I have a Lumix G7, recently lost the cable on a shoot. I also have a Canon T5i. Can I take the memory card, put on Canon T5i and transfer all footage into my laptop ?
  9. I've only been on few sets, one union, one independent but both had DPs in the ASC. One movie was veey low budget, the D.P. not only Directed but also was Operator, his Gaffer was also 2nd Unit D.P. Another feature the D.P. directed his crew per each shot, rehearsed the move, then Operator did the shot. None of these were big budget but one had Academy Award....interesting to watch how the crews worked
  10. If not already posted, what I came to understand is a DP only Directs the shot and lighting, will rehearse the shot, but then will have the Operator actually operate. The Cinematographer will actually operate on others, all depending on union or budget.....
  11. I'm mainly shooting AVCHD 30p.... I did shoot 4k 30p, so guess I'll keep testing
  12. I own/operate a Lumix G7, which I love. I am editing on Windows Premiere Pro CC, was just wondering which I should normally record, or does it matter (?)
  13. T5i worked great for interviews that lasted under 10....I will be using it as a backup, using Lumix G7 as,my main camera
  14. The T5i does a great job for the price, as the budget is very low. I do have a Lumix G7 too, but only have 1 camera battery, whereas with the T5i I have 3. The memory card is 64G, 10 rating. I asked since I was shooting a documentary short last month, plus two commercials with T2i, kept getting " errir auto stop ", so I knew I had to get newer gear. I am shooting a web-series with T5i and shooting 3-5 min interviews with no issues.....
  15. Just wondering, how long I can shoot interview with T5i, if interviews are over 5 min's long ??
  16. Just a question, as to how long I can shoot interviews with Canon T5i, if interviews are over 5 min's long ??? I have been shooting interviews that run between 3-5 min's, with no problems, but have a corporate gig coming up Tues/Wed, just want to be sure the camera doesn't over heat or have any issues.....
  17. For any filmmaker interested http://lostwoodmedia.com/filmfestival/ this is near the oil boom here in North Dakota.... please contact Lostwood Media for more info
  18. Lumix g7 is great, don't have a budget for a G4 yet, but it's 4k, so I'm happy.....much easier to operate than Canon.... it's smaller, which is OK, but it's ALL in how you shoot/light, but hey, it's 4K !!!!!
  19. I downloaded iMedia Converter, which will download 4K to HD for posting, just to see what happens, gonna test it this weekend. AGAIN, I'm on a laptop, Windows 7, Intel Pentium 2.2, 8GB....Lumix G7
  20. I cannot use any input if NOT using Premiere. It's what I have
  21. I'll post when I know the info on my computer, not at home now.
  22. Landon, I know how to edit, but no expert, my area is directing/cinematography....early in my career, I worked for an exec producer who was a real butt, he shoved exiting down my throat, grew to hate it.....now I really enjoy it, but no expert. My main focus is editing for the web, mostly Youtube, vimeo, facebook, etc.... I also have no budget, so am limited to upgrading....I only have a small Windows 7 laptop, 8G, with Premiere CC, would like to shoot in 4K, but post in both HE or 4K, if that's possible (??)
  23. Let me get back to my original inquiry; Shooting in 4K, but posting on HD....good with 8G or 16G (??) Don't have money yet to upgrade or add on quite yet
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