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  1. Hey Gregg, I actually have, I have yet to join, but will
  2. Yes, I just got this steadicam, so I was just throwing it out there.....I'm using a Lumix DSLR, have the drop time to around just shy of 3 second, but always adjusting to better balance....just curious what you all have experienced.....
  3. I got my first steadicam (FlyCam 3000), I shoot mostly low budget commercials to recently other work coming in, but have never taken a steadicam class/workshop.....I was wondering, I have it balance just right (top to bottom for the 2 sec drop), but when putting my vest on, I was wondering if more bottom weight would be good or better to give me more smooth shots???? thanks for any input
  4. It's hip hop, so was figuring 24fps, since It's mostly steadicam
  5. I'm about to shoot my first music video, never done one yet, but I'm just wondering best frame rate, esp with syncing music.....Ive mostly worked on every other type of video, commercials to documentaries so just checking ....
  6. Just curious, if anyone knows anything about the Phoenix video production market, if you have to already live there or planning on moving there to find work as a Videographer/Editor, Producer/Editor or do companies only hire freelancers ???
  7. I haven't worked with any DP's, but while in the Air Force and in college, living in various cities, got in touch with various DP's, just asking to watch them work, mainly through an email or an actual letter. Two DP's responded, and even though I didn't work for them them, they were so gracious as to allow me to watch....Dean Semler (ASC/ACS) being the major one, while the late Ken Lamkin (ASC) was the first DP I ever met. I wish I had the opportunity to work for or with these great and talented men, but haven't yet, but I did go on my own path and this past year, recognized for my Cinematography from several national film fest awards for a doc short I made on a Canon T2i....Hoping to just work more and be inspired by the great talents out there
  8. Hey Guys, this is a new one for me, I am encoding a documentary for a class reunion. I am using Adobe Premiere CC, the DJ who is playing video told me to encode to MP4 for his video display.....I haven't encoding in MP4, only WMV, MOV and H.264. I doing tests, but can't seem to get it right ???? My presets are only 3GPP 352X288 (??) My video settings dont have SD, HD or 4K ????? Can anyone help, anyone have any experience with Virtual DJ, as I don't ????
  9. Just looking for a range of prices for a 10 hour day shoot, in a town 2 hours from me, with rented gear, just trying to figure out a good day rate for everything. I've normally used my own DSLR's but had to rent a FS100 package, so just wondering.....thanks
  10. I was very honored with being a the cover story in my hometown's Sunday paper this past week. Not a big city, like Hollywood NY, but still very honored... http://www.minotdailynews.com/news/local-news/2017/03/hollywood-magic/
  11. Was recently honored, very grateful, hoping for MORE Honors/Awards/Achievements 2016 " Magic Tap Cloggers " Documentary short ** Best Cinematography Awards ** - Chandler International Film Fest, AZ Sept 2016 - LA Shorts Awards, Nov 2016 - WRPN-TV, Film/Video Competition; Delaware Dec 2016 ** Documentary Short ** - Semi-Finalist; LA Cine-Fest Dec 2016 - Semi-Finalist; Hollywood Screenings Film Fest Jan 2017 - Official Selection, Depth of Field Film Fest, Nassau, DE Jan 2017 - Official Selection; Docs Without Border Film Fest, DE Feb 2017
  12. This is way cool...... http://www.theasc.com/site/blog/web-exclusives/caleb-deschanel-asc-makes-unique-gift-to-asc-museum/
  13. Here's my reel, but am trying to figure out what to cut.... https://vimeo.com/196890169
  14. Competitions are good, esp since many professionals will view your work, never a bad sign, esp if your work is good..... I was a judge/panelist at a very small film fest in August of this year, so much fun to watch the work of amateurs to experienced pros. Never hurts to put your work out there, you never know who will see it and want to get in touch with you. I made a documentary short, have already won Best Cinematography from a film fest in Arizona, plus am Semi-Finalist at LA CineFest, plus Officially Selected at LA Shorts, plus another in Delaware. Great to put on a resume, so what the hell, right ????
  15. Thanks gentlemen, it's nice to be recognized.....
  16. I was just awarded Best Cinematography for a documentary short I was made in this year, for Sept from Chandler International Film Festival, then just got word that I was Semi-Finalist at the LA CineFest, Officially Selection at LA Shorts Awards and Officially Selected at a small fest in Delaware. The doc I made was for a local dance group, me being the only crew shooting on an Canon T2i. I have the film in a bunch of other award fests, who knows where I'll place (??), but nice to be recognized... Just hoping more work esp Full time comes......
  17. This was a great documentary about Dean's career, family and country....even with his Oscar, ASC awards, he still seems under-rated in my opinion. I even won a Cinematography Award, Dean called me to congratulate me, lil ole me. A truly gentleman, salt of the earth man, master Cinematographer.....truly an inspiration
  18. Here's a web ad for a client I was director/cinematographer/editor Tech specs; Lumix G7 (2) softboxes, (2) Neewer LED's 24' slider on tripod
  19. Super 8 can be great fun to shoot, esp since you ARE shooting film. The big issue is shooting, improving (getting input), especially all the criticisms, learning what they are and then putting them into practice. I would study how film reacts to exposure, examine composition, framing, etc.....i would also really research how other Directors and Cinematographer shoot their movies...i have won two awards and have been selected as an Official Selection at the LA Shorts Film FFest....never stop shooting and leArning.....
  20. What was your goal, overall, a test, actually trying to tell a story, etc ???? hard to really judge, other than technically, what you are doing......
  21. 1) What is the story, looks like vacation footage ? 2) What did you shoot on ? Looks like 16 or even Super 8 film ??? Looks like older film, with de-saturated color, looks green......
  22. I am on the " talents " email list, as we are related through marriage, he knows my family a bit. He has never asked for the video directly, but his relatives I just happen to run into and they said they were upset they hadn't seen it....I thought I'd send the talent a link, keeping it private for his use only.....
  23. Yeah, that's what I was thinking....I've been paid, but just surprised his family hasn't seen it
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