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  1. In the modules, a diode was broken, now everything is ok.
  2. Hello, I have a ACL camera and an external Eclair Pilotone modules for my Nagra 4.2. This Pilotone modules makes no pilot tone. To fix it, I need a circuit diagram of Pilotone module. Has anyone a circuit diagram or a link to the Internet? Many thanks in advance.
  3. Hello everyone, I have now finally made. The hockey puck is outstanding. I have the puck a little bit, turned out to 25mm and about 5mm deep with a lathe. Thanks again for the many tips.
  4. Hello, I apologize, I was sick. Turning to look, I can press down the "c-mount" thread, but does not rotate. That's my problem. Regards
  5. Hello, the thread of the c-mount is fine. The position marker, for example, the aperture is below, and this is difficult. This would require the threaded approach of c-mount to be elsewhere.
  6. Hello to the experts, I have a purchased Angenieux 12-120 lens for my Bolex RX5 with c-mount. If I rob the optics severally she is not comfortable. My question is can the c-mount thread something to turn so that the optics is to better serve? The c-mount, I can be a little Gradually tighten. Sorry for my English! Thank you for answers.
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