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  1. Im going for that nice slo mo effect you get from overcranking. I hear using twixtor is the way to go with this. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? i own after effects and avid (through my school). I read on a couple other forums about shooting 60i and then stretching that out to 120/fps http://www.dvinfo.net/conf/canon-xl2-watch...look-xl2-2.html Does anyone know of any better ways?
  2. that was very impressive. So they did the majority of the work on shake? Ive heard good things about Shake... but im unsure of exactly what it is. Is it like adobe after effects? better/worse?
  3. hi all, i was wondering if i could use my laptop as a moniter for a canon XL2. Would i need BNC sync cables? Would i need a vga adapter? If so where can i find these things? Im going to try and shoot something using a chroma key, and i heard that the XL2 viewfinder has overscan. I cant really afford a new moniter for it so i was wondering if I could simply use my laptop, or even better yet, key in the chroma key image while im shooting using my laptop as a moniter. thoughts? Any info would help a ton! thanks! -E
  4. how much would "a bit" be for a proffesional? Im on the fence about it now. Everyone has really good input, but im thinking with this much prep time, couple with it being a passion project, i think i might be able to pull it off. Im doing a lot of research and budgeting right now. I think im going to go for it. Even if i dont succeed or it doesnt come off looking perfect, the research and experimenting would put me months ahead of the competition, and i think the teacher would give me lots of kudos for trying something i wasn't sure of, and following through with it. I think theres a lot to learn, but i think i can learn a lot of it as i go, or now, doing research and buying the books, and taking the notes. so i hope im not being rude, but can anyone point me in the direction of some guides, tutorials, books, or videos that would help me out? Or can someone just give me a few tips, with the assumption that this project will most definitely get made? I appreciate all your time fellas!
  5. wow, so the basic consensus is basically that its impossible right now. Well, i guess i will keep it in my back pocket, but i still want to try something elaborate for my final project in june. My two minute project was amongst the best in the class, but i really wanna stand out and get that glowing rec. for a good film school, and an internship. Where would i meet other student grips who are pro enough to pull off anything that isnt basic?
  6. Hi all, im newly registered to this community, but i did do some lurking here and at couple other forums. This one seems like its full of proffessionals and students (such as myself) and everyone seems very helpful, and most importantly, willing to help to boot! So im a film student at my local JC, and am trying to get ahead of the curb. I knew a lot going in, but im learning a lot more as i go. I made my first two minute film which ill post a link to later on (its very, very ameature. Would love to get contructive criticism on it). My next film is due sometime in july and im already revving up production, even as this semester is not over. Its an ambitious little sci-fi project. A quick pitch would be, "astronaut gets sucked into space, and cannot be saved nor killed and spacesuit will keep her alive for weeks. Her life flashes before her eyes, but she is lucid for so long that her(potential) life after the shuttle mission begins to flash before her eyes, and eventually lives a fullfilling life and even experiences what she imagined heaven would be, in the 3 1/2 weeks she is dying" So i saw the chroma key kit at imagewest.tv (https://02c4947.netsolstores.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=10) I was going to shoot at a higher frame-rate and play it back in slow mo to simulate weightlessness (its unrealistic, but most audience members do not know this and actually expect people to move like this in outer space. I beleive they used this technique in 2001:A Space Odysee, and more recently in Danny Boyles "Sunshine"), and also suspend my actress with cables. I was then going to photoshop a high resolution "starry" background to replace with a chroma key, and light her with blue gels (to simulate darkness). thing is, this is all theory right now, and i do not have the experience to know if this will work, or how it will look. Its months before i start shooting, but something like this can really put me on top of the class, and i can get a good reccomendation for film school, so i want to stop making films where it appears as if im learning as i shoot, and start making films that look proffessional, and achieve the artistic expression im gunning for. so, Can anyone give me any pointers, to get a nice effect? Also, does anyone know how to erase the suspension cables? I will be shooting with a canon XL-2, on 24p and 16:9 aspect ratio, and editing on AVID on a mac. I have two key lights and a soft box. Im building myslef the now-famous "$14 steadicam", and am getting and modifying this spacesuit (http://www.nightmarefactory.com/cgi-bin/shopper?keywords=astronaut&search=action) also thinking about getting a kessler crane (8 footer), but not sure i need it just yet. (key word is "need". i already wrote a crane shot into the script, but i dont absolutely "need" it). Thanks for all your time fellas! -E
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