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  1. The police know me as David "John" or DJ. www.youtube.com/djkurvy www.myspace.com/deejaykurvy Thanks for the help. Kurvy
  2. Ok. I made a decision. I am going to order 6 Lowel V-lights 500 watts for the green screen. I am also going to buy a Elation stage pack with a dimmer system. ( That should take care of the relective light problem) Just a few things: I have got to give you guys a complement. This is the most efficient run board on the internet. All the other boards that I posted on I did not even receive a response. You guys are wonderful! 2nd- I am a Videographer and ever since this project and a small film I never realized how TRULY important a Cinematographer is! I am not sure if its a good thing for a Videographer to admit that but... my hat goes off to you! DJ KuRvY
  3. These lights are a pain. I am so confused on what to buy. I found this great site also. This is where I ordered my green screens from www. a mvona.net . The prices was pretty decent also. I see all kinds of florescent kits for when I am actually going to light my subject. However, it is the roof that I am worried about.
  4. I also just purchased 3 more 10 x 20 green screens. The wall on the left I dont think is the right color. I am going to roll the wall with green and also the carpet. And one for a spare.
  5. Well. I just went and got a ladder and lifted the tile. There is so much room up there you can walk up there. :) I talked to the installers in the other office and they said whatever I need installed no big deal.
  6. 1 Last question. If I want to install a Track bar (The kind that holds up lighting in a house). I like the dido light idea with the clamps but I want a more professional look. I did light tests yesterday. I have a Lowel V 500w GDA and that seemed to FILL? the key AWESOME, however I have some Lowel Pro 250 watt lights and it does not seem to spread too evenly. Is there any tips on where and what kind of lights would work good there? Can I hang the dido lights? BTW there are all kinds of Dido lights. Can anyone send me a link with the kind of lights which you are referring. I hope that I am not being a pain in the A$$. Kurvy
  7. Hmmm... good point! You guys rock!
  8. Thanks for the idea. I own the entire building and I have installers. (So... labor is cheap) I have been reading since I posted this. Is it possible to flood the key from above with some type of hallogen light? Like should I mount the light directly above the green screen shining down? Also, I read that when you are illuminating the subject it is better to light him/her from above also so you dont cast shadows. Is this true?
  9. Hey I just joined this forum and I need some help. I have by own production company and I have an extra room in my office. I want to make this a room to help teenagers get into production. I snapped a picture of this room. I just ordered green screens to completely cover the entire room and carpet. So here is where I need the help. I want to know if there is anyway to attach lighting to the ceiling to produce continuous lighting around the 2 walls shown. I am a videographer by trade, so I KNOW that the light has to be spread evenly. My whole thing is that I have a TON of lighting that can be moved, so I can light the subject and the floor accordingly. The other thing is that I dont want to spend a billion dollars on this project. Is there anything I can get at like Home Depot? Hope You guys can help! DJ KuRvY
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