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  1. I've got +/- 40 cheaper gold mount batteries, Ikan IB-L130A, 14.8V 9.0 Ah 130Wh in my inventory. They're in good shape as far as the battery cells, but the outside cases are getting beat up and cracked. Ikan doesn't have spare/loose cases for this model anymore. Does anyone know of a generic case that I could re-home the cells into? Or maybe a 3d printed design that would work? I know it's a long shot. Just trying to keep the inventory functioning as long as possible.
  2. I'm expanding a film equipment rental facility. Anyone have some good tips, advice, or warnings for convienient yet secure equipment storage? Any techniques that you've seen work well for maximizing usable space safly for the wide variety of production equipment used in this field? Generic tips are good. I'm not expecting you to have my blueprints in front of you. Best Regards, Michael Zelazny Equipment Manager maz166@psu.edu -Freelance Grip, Gaffer Videographer, Technician
  3. Moon Close up as the clouds dispersed. Taken with Nikon D40 with Quantary 70-300 1:4-5.6 Tele-Macro lens
  4. The full moon above my apartment, Bellefonte, PA. CU to come in next post.
  5. Hello, I'm working on a HDV piece with a student and they want to do homage to Jurassic park. They want a shot that incorporates water rippling in plastic cups in a similiar way as those in the movie on the dashboard of the ford explorer. I've done some research and have experimented a little, but I'm just not getting it. It's supposed to involve vibration from a guitar string attached under the dash? Does anyone have more specifics? What gauge string or how it's attached? I'm guessing the shape and amount of water in the plastic cups probably have something to do with it as well? Thanks f
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