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  1. Hi LauraI think I can put a little ray of light into your darkness, check ICA International Colorist Academy www.icolorist.com then can teach you techniques and also train in grading softwares as Nucoda Filmmaster and Da Vinci´s. I´ve been in a workshop in London half and a month ago learning Nucoda with the new precision panels and training was really good, also went to a Display Monitor Calibration workshop and very useful. If you want to check in Spain there is www.709mediaroom.com where you can apply for Davinci´s workshops wich it´s good for learning the basis Before grading I recommend you to apply to colorist assistant, as I did, there´s a lot of technical knowledge to achieve before you start grading and showing your craft, conforming, rendering, multiple formats, dcp´s, calibration processes, film, video, new cameras every month, and many grading softwares...our lovely profession is a never ending road to knowledge I´m grading in Madrid with Baselight in a post facility, currently with the tv series "Cuentame" if you are from madrid fell free to visit, no job vacancy but kind to help you with tips and advices if you want to I wish you luck Welcome you to the "dark side" ;-) Magenta Kisses Laura! And cheers everybody too!
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