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  1. Hi. I am selling my Arri Amira. Its my personal camera and i am the first only owner / operator. I used it only my music video works (www.erginozturk.com) Its in EXCELLENT condition (both technical and cosmetics). Never rented. Used only by me! Total hours of operation: 235h Premium package with UHD 4K Price: 35.000 USD Pıctures of camera and accesories. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ah3jwc1dc7luo22/AAD4VJTFzCv-sxztBNuVkKyWa?dl=0 List of accesories included. K0.0001092 AMIRA Camera Set with Premium License K1.71700.0 Amira camera body,camera handle,viewfinder mount,viewfinder cables,usb stick K2.75004.0 AMIRA Viewfinder MVF-1 K2.75000.0 Wedge Plate Adapter WPA-1 K2.0001208 CFast 2.0 Card 60 GB (2pcs) CFast 2.0 Card 120 GB (2pcs) K2.0001242 CFast 2.0 Card Reader (2pcs) K2.75005.0 Microphone Holder Bracket MHB-2 K2.75001.0 Gold Mount Battery Adapter K2.75003.0 PL Lens Mount K2.0000399 Quick Release Plate QRP1 K2.75002.0 V Lock Batter adapter Location: Istanbul-Turkey thanks! ergin ozturk erginozturk.com ergin.ozturk@ifs.com.tr
  2. Since i am living in Istanbul/turkey i may use wide angle for narrow historical streets..:)
  3. thank you all. I think all we agree on as Chris says "stay on wider end of the specturum without going too wide". At least we all agree that it is not superwide like 11mm. I should try my 20,28 and 50mm for same results. ergin
  4. Hi David, Actually i am the DOF type of guy. I like telephoto. But then i saw movie Code 46 and everything changed:). Now i really like some wideangle type of frame. but i want to be sure if it is really superwide (like 11 mm) or wide (like 20 or 28 mm) or standart (50mm) or may be soome telephoto can give such a frame? That is why i asked to be sure.. ergin
  5. Hi Dave, I have RED One camera. So i need 35mm frame. Most of them f2.8 except 50mm (f1.4) and 85mm (f1.8) So what is your opinion about picture/lens?
  6. Hi, I need your help to for lens angle selection; I have following nikon lens kit; Tokina 11-16mm Nikon 20mm Nikon 28mm Nikon 50mm Nikon 85mm Nikon 135mm Nikon 80-200mm And i need to get these pictures Can you help me which lens should i use to get the following frames? (Ex: picture 1=20mm, picture 3=50mm) Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4
  7. Hi, I am new around here. I do not how to ask but i really need your support. I ve seen Code 46 movie on DVD and i killed me. I love it.. Every picture, moves etc... best cinemotography i ve ever seen. Can we discuss what is the secret behing the beautiful images? Just because of the film? or anamorphic lenses? (is it anomorphic by the way?) color correction or anything else? Please share your comments or any kind of impormation regarding code 46. ergin
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