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  1. Thanks Adam, I suspected the real answer was something out of my price range for the moment, but good it's to nail down something for the wish list. I've done a small amount of research on these LED light panels and it seems they come in quite a variety from the 3x6 Rosco lights to the large beautiful dreamy Arri sort. I see that you are also a super 8 shooter, (and live in my home town as well, but that's an aside). Do you think starting with a smaller Rosco light is a good move, or should I hold out for the big mama (Arri or the such)? Keep in mind that it will be mostly for lighting for super 8, in indoor locations with some light, but very little. Portability is also a small factor. Oh, and I prefer to shoot on a variety of reversal stocks.
  2. Oh, thank you, thank you. All of my questions about the camera have been answered.
  3. Hi, I just got a Nizo 801 as a gift and cannot seem to find a manual for it anywhere. Can anyone give me advice or a little lesson on how to use this camera? For example, what does the button just above the handle with a "B" do? What do the green and black buttons on the top of the camera do. I know the third button on the top is reverse. I thought the others had to do with automatic zoom, but when testing the camera today I couldn't get it to zoom, perhaps there is something else I should push? Also on the other side of the camera there is one red button near the handle. What does that do? Okay, I guess I'm asking you to write the manual for me, but any little bits of advice to get me started would be much appreciated. Thanks, Jennifer nizo801a.zip
  4. Hi, I'm just getting started with Super 8 and am interested in investing a small amount of money on a portable light that will give me good results for lighting things such as actors on a subway, outdoor evening shots, and other public locations without power outlets. I'm already collecting material, such as work lights, flood lights, windshield reflectors, and a shower curtain, but would like one decent light that is preferable battery operated or could be plugged into a portable battery pack. Also, I live in Berlin where the skies are white or light grey now so if anyone has suggestions how to make things look better on super 8 under white skies that will be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Dave, Tim, and Kristian. This is all useful information. I think I will invest in other lenses. Also, Dave, your part of the world is very near to my part of the world. I live in Prague and will be making a trip to Vienna soon. Could you recommend a good camera shop, one with new and used equipment? Thanks.
  6. I have the new Nikon 50mm 1.4 G, which is excellent for my D90, but now I have decided to save up for the Redrocks 35mm adapter and am wondering how useful it will be. Unlike the Nikon 1.4 D, this lens does not have a f ring. I would like to use the redrocks adapter first for a Canon hv30 and someday for a HVX200 or whatever the equivalent is when my budget reaches that point. If I have done my research correctly, it seems that the lens will be good in terms of being prime, fast, and smooth with focusing, but I will not be able to control my DOF. The lens will have to remain wide open so no fancy shallow depth of field shots. Is this right or am I missing something?
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