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  1. hi, ravi u can shoot in pakistan there r same locations. kind regards saleem
  2. hi, are you still wanna sale these lensces? if yes plece send me picture with your asking Price. my email address saleemdad@hotmail.com saleemdad@yahoo.com kind regrads saleem
  3. hi,thanks for your best advice.i m using a all tungsten lights. also plz can u little bit more deatil tell me about or meaning this word "you don't want to overdo it when combining it with lower frame rates as well."
  4. hi, i m shooting a fight between 2 guys. i want shoot like chines style or Jacky chun kind of fast so i want know how many i frame shoot 20fps or what? how many shutter angel? i shoot on 435es.plz give me some advice
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