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  1. What is the best way to process siv. files and prepare them for color correction and post (da vinci, baselight, nukoda)??? I've heard there are couple of ways of doing that : siv-dpx and siv-dng-dpx... There is an opinion that the second way is better(using after effects), so what are your thoughts about that guys and particularly what soft is better?
  2. Take it easy guys, we are shooting with SI-2K now... B) And i am completely agree with Jean Dodge it's totally not suitable for large production, there is a huge difference between tiny onboard monitor and real cine screen, be sure i've seen it!!! All this magic about shallow DOF and so on is gone, you can see only harsh picture with lack of saturation and other stuff...
  3. Hi, I've shot some footage on film primarily on lake locations with a hard sunlight and totally without UV filter, it appeared that all backgrounds with mountains and other stuff hadn't their natural saturated color and were very foggy and cyan tint. Now i know the reason!!) The question: does this kind of stuff happen with HD camera as well or not. As i know Film mostly feels UV waves and HD on the other hand IR, so, does it matter somehow in this situation??
  4. Hello Guys, is it ok to shoot from a chopper only with a steadicam or stabilizing head is needed badly??
  5. Yea, it may be a difference between spotmeter and a camera... like when shooting on film... It's not so frequent when your film speed matches accuratly with your meter...so you usually have to do the test in this case to find out the difference... So do the same with a photo camera...
  6. Thanks a lot to everyone... Producers have agreed to make tests, so i'm feeling ok now ) Results will be posted soon...
  7. I know that RED and others are good, but it's going to be shot on Majorca island with a tiny crew (feature but in documentary style:) and budget is really not so big... But i would like to try to realise at least is it going to be very bad or not so Or maybe anybody knows some place on island where it's possible to rent smth. more appropriate???
  8. Yes i know... DP it's ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! B)
  9. Hello Guy's, I've finished Moscow film school not so long time ago and going to start my first full length feature... Producers want to make it with photo camera (mark2 or mark4) and then put it on film for theatrical release... (It's ok) But director wants to have some slow motion shots there... and i assume that because of the resolution (50 fps - 1280*720), sharpness and grain there will be a difference between normal speed and high ( on mac it's ok but on big screen i guess not) So the question is: should i say them firmly that we can't do this or we can??
  10. It's such a clear explanation, thanks a lot David !!!!
  11. So, it's right that Mr. Lubezki is not enough correct in this situation, isn't it ??? ;)
  12. Hi, does anybody know what is the main reason to make flash in positive and difference (in effect) between this one and the same thing in negative. Lubezki in his article about Children of a man has said that 5229 stock is like a flashed positive... is it about desaturated colors and low contrast (especially poor blacks) or smth. else??
  13. Don't you know their websites??
  14. Yes, i suppose such thing, but maybe just one of the names is known???
  15. How is shooting videos for Rihanna??? Does smb know??
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