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  1. Hey guys I am wondering if anyone has any idea what kind of Monitor would be good for video editing, I looked at the apple cinema display but it is too expensive, does anyone out there know if there are any other good and reliable monitors with good quality for a decent price? let me know, thanks!
  2. I just recently shot a roll of ektachrome on a cannon 814 AZE, and I used an external 85b filter. The footage came back more red than i expected, does this mean that the built in filter in the camera is still working and i do not need to use the external filter? Please get back to me, thanks! Bucky
  3. ok cool thanks. Sorry ill post them there from now on
  4. Does anyone know exactly how the manual aperture settings work on the canon 814 AZ E? If the setting is on auto then the meter will move showing you which f-stop you are at, but when you pull out the button and are in manual mode the meter stops working, and so my question is how do you know which f-stop you are setting it to if there is no indicator? I have a manual for the camera but i am still a little confused. If anyone knows get back to me, id appreciate it. thanks. Bucky
  5. Hey everyone, I just got a Canon 814 AZ E super 8 camera. I ordered it from germany so the instruction manual it came with was in german, I am wondering if anyone knows where i could download an english version of this manual? Get back to me whenever you can. Thanks. Bucky
  6. oh alright, how do i manaully notch it? is there a tutorial or anything that could show me that? and if i didnt notch it would using an 85b filter help?
  7. Hey everyone, I think i might have posted this same type of questions on here before so sorry if i am sounding like a broken record, but i have some questions. I will soon be purchasing a Canon 1014E, or possibly a Canon 814 xls, and would like to know which film stocks would be the best. I will be shooting primarily outdoors in the sun. I have been looking into the Kodak Vision2 200T film, I have heard very good things about this film, and have watched some test videos of this online. My question is if I were to use this film which I am pretty sure in tungsten based, would i need to use an 85B filter, or do you think the built in filters in these cameras still work? Another question I have is where I can get Wittnerchrome 100D, and where I could get it processed? If anyone out there has any answers I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Bucky
  8. Hey just wondering if anyone knows where I can get vision2 200t film processed and telecined? I usually go through Dwayne's photo in parsons, Kansas when i get exktachrome, but i dont think that they do negative film. Get back to me when you can. Thanks! Bucky
  9. Hey everyone i got a few questions i am hoping some of you can help me with. I am going to be shooting with a canon 1014 E and want to try some negative stocks, most likely Kodak vision2 200t. I would be shooting outdoors, and want to know if this is a good filmstock to use, and if so would i need to use an 85B filter? Get back to me when you can. thanks! Bucky
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