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  1. Dear Friends I have tested lenses on century focus test chart. I am confused about the resolution of lens. For example. I found 15L/mm for okc 35mm at T2.3 . How can I know this is result is good or bad? What is basic measurement for resolution of lens? Where do I find this answer? Please help me. Baburam Nepali
  2. Baburam

    About RED

    I just want to know the limitations and advantages. As I heard there are grains in low light areas, is it true? Some one suggested me to have more intensity and close the iris but I think it is same as to shoot on open iris except the difference of depth of field.
  3. Is it true that we can shoot in RED (without setting colour temperature) no worry about colour temperature?
  4. Baburam

    About RED

    What are the parameters for RED in Low Key lighting?
  5. I am so sorry that my trip cancelled(I don't know the reason). Thank you all friends for your help.
  6. Thank you Adrian , Thank you very much.
  7. Thanks Chris, I think it is one 3 to 7 days fr from power,The camera will be Sony Pd177. I think you know about the battery, For travel documentary I think I have to be standby as much as possible. I think you know the situation.
  8. Thanks Jonathan But it is in mountains, We can't get cars ,we need to trek for more than a week. I think I need a very light portable charger but there is no electricity.
  9. Dear friends, I have chance to go for a documentry shoot on mountain regions(but it is not sure yet). There is no electricity.How can I manage my batteries? Is there any alternative ways to charge the batteries and to give them large lives? Please help me. Baburam Nepali
  10. Baburam

    want help

    I have worked in many films as 1AC in 16mm but I have to work on RED, but I have not even seen this camera, it is very difficuilt to get camera before the start of shooting? Can I have some tips about ERD?
  11. Hi,I am an AC from Nepal,I have worked in 10 Nepai mainstream movies as 1st AC.There is different style of working in other countries.I want to work in other countries wherever it is. Can anybody help me? Baburam Nepali nepali.rambabu@gmail.com 0097719841259462
  12. Hi David, Do you think only shooting is great? I think it is greater to make shoot than to shoot. I enjoy in feeding more than eating. An AC is right hand of DOP.
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