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  1. When I did this, I actually just walked around on the bus with an easy-rig. For more stability, I would pull the camera towards a seat edge or seat top (it was a school bus). This worked pretty well for that project. Sometimes I would use a tripod in the middle of the aisle as well. A key is to drive on smooth roads.
  2. Any recommendations on a lens technician to fix this lens?
  3. Thanks Dom, It seems broken, you're right. I adapted it to a GH2 (Micro Four Thirds) for a test. Focus works nicely, but no zoom functionality. The zoom ring has some normal resistance, but it just turns without stopping. I can't find a way to manually change the iris. The ring goes to all the F stops, but it stay open with no change. There is a metal button like part, with an "A". I've tried this with no change. I've attached some photos. Thanks, Chris
  4. Hello, Two issues with this lens: The iris doesn't close, because I think this lens was designed as an auto iris to work with Arri SR cameras (has two pins in back of lens for this feature). However, I'm more concerned about the zoom not working. Can't seem to figure out why the zoom ring turning isn't changing the focal length. Do you know what might be the issue with this zoom? Thank you, Chris
  5. Hi Michael, Thank you for these detailed photos! This seems right. I think your assessment is getting me closer to a solution. -Chris
  6. I ended up checking voltage at the small button contact on the (camera) magazine port, with the camera run switch depressed and connected to power. I checked the voltage with a digital multimeter - this little button contact did not have voltage.
  7. Thanks Charlie - this info helps, nice detail! I certainly don't have that Special Ground Connection Cable, but maybe I can track one down. I will look into the issue further, so thanks, but for now it will be 100ft rolls.
  8. Thanks for the info! I bought two torque motors on ebay (from same seller), and they both didn't work. It might be the wire inside the camera, but I will start cleaning and testing points, as you suggest.
  9. Hi, Everything else on the camera works just fine, except I can’t get the 400’ magazine to work. I have tried two different torque motors on the magazine. I use a 8.4V-5ah battery made by a company called Cine60. Can you offer suggestions? Do I need to modify my torque motor? Thanks, Chris
  10. Good point, guess I was obsessing on multi-format.
  11. Thanks Miguel and David! I still have to watch Silence. Will certainly be late viewing for me. Maybe this week. Would be interested to know if anyone embraced film for night / dark in the past 1- 4 years. Chris
  12. Thanks! I understand that when there is mixed format like this, digital would be used for low-light. I was wondering if there are examples of other strategies towards a naturalistic approach using the two formats? Thanks for your input on Florida Project as well.
  13. I watched this not too long ago and liked the look. I tried looking up something about its cinematography, which lists its formats as digital cinema (Alexa) and celluloid. Does anyone know which was which in the movie? Thanks!
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