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  1. hey so thanks for all that input, i will be doing test on sunday with 2k and optima 16 lenses, then 3k with the same lenses and crop the 9.5 and 16 (i know the 50 mm will cover even 4k) in post, then same setting with 3k red zooms, then hvx200 with the 16mm lenses. I will post images and comments if you guys are interested. thanks again flo
  2. Hey, what do you guys think of shooting with the RED on 2k, to be able to do slow motion, and also (and mostly) to mount super 16 mm lenses? i can get hold of Optar-Illumina 9,5mm, 16mm, and 50mm, T1,3 primes that cover s16mm. What do you think? ANY INPUT WOULD REALLY HELP thanks
  3. hi! I am doing research for a short i will shoot this summer on 16. it;s about kids soapbox races and I need to make beleive the speed of the wooden cars and the intensity of the action. I have never experimented with low speed, i have seen a video music video shot at 21fps and it does seem to go faster but there might be a lot of CGI so not sure of the exact effect. Does low speed seem like a good way to go for car races? or is post the better and safer way? or both? thanks!
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