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  1. Third season of The Killing is here - do you still shoot on film?
  2. What if the subject is behind some object that is closer to the lens?
  3. Sometimes I see a little display with changing numbers on professional cameras: http://img825.imageshack.us/img825/5327/g36z.jpg What is it? Light meter?
  4. I just read this article about shooting of TV series Outcast which was shot on old anamorphic lenses because they have a distinctive look. http://www.definitionmagazine.com/journal/2011/2/10/bbcs-outcasts-get-anamorphic-shooting-but-not-broadcast.html Do you know any other movies/tv series that was shot on old lenses to achieve a distinctive look?
  5. Thanks David. Great explanation!
  6. What are the uses of smoke in movies (instead of creating beams of light)? The second question is... They used small handheld smoke machine which was not connected by cable to anything... I thought you need a power to operate a smoke machine...
  7. Today i visited a shooting of a movie taking place in depression era. They were shooting a scene in an interior which they fill with smoke by smoke machine, but they waft the smoke to even it out until it was almost invisible by eye. So my question is, why they used the smoke? There was no shafts of light or something like this. Probably just for an atmosphere?
  8. so I found the article on some blog about Malick :) http://www.terrencemalick.org/2011/08/nestor-almendros-on-days-of-heaven.html
  9. I'm not sure if they have acces to it, but I will try too find out, thanks. I have this DVD. The interviews are great, especially the one with John Bailey (who was camera operator on this film).
  10. I'm only interested in the article about shooting Days of Heaven. Maybe somebody has it? :-)
  11. Audio commentaries sometimes offers great information about filmmaking, do you know about any great audio commentaries by cinematographers?
  12. BTW, I heard fantasy movie Dragonslayer was shot entirely with natural light... can somebody confirm it? I also heard about Amadeus. But I really love cinematography in Days of Heaven, New World and Tree of Life... amazing work with natural light.
  13. Could you give me examples of (narrative) movies shot only with natural light? I know about Terrence Malick movies. Anything else?
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