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  1. So many people have focused on what they believe is wrong with Public Enemies that they've ignored any of the reasons Mann has chosen HD. We know Spinotti and Mann are not amateurs, but people act like they don't know the effects of a slow shutter speed. Seriously people. Mann has chosen 2/3" sensors consistently for the depth of field. Before HD, Mann had used green screen to produce deep focus shots. He does this noticeably in Thief and in Heat. Additionally, Mann has has a penchant for night scenes. How does one achieve deep focus at night without having to light the entire LA or Miami skyline? Compare the night scenes in Last of the Mohicans with his HD films, and you'll see Mann was forced to shoot some day for night. I think given the choice, Mann would go back in time and shoot Last of the Mohicans with HD, pushing gain and low shutter speeds if he had to, as hard as it is to believe anyone would shoot 1700s period film digitally. Mann is not looking to make his films look like 35mm. He's been experimenting with this high grain, low light, deep focus look since Ali and Robbery Homicide Division.
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