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  1. So I have an Arri 4k HMI that came with a matching magnetic ballast. I also have a (much lighter) Desisti 4kW electronic ballast that I would like to use with the Arri instead of the giant magnetic beast. So I was wondering if anyone knew of somewhere that I could buy an adapter to just attach between the header cable and the ballast rather than replacing all of the connections. So basically I need something that goes between these two VEAM connections If not an adapter then does anyone know a good place to buy these connectors in the US? I have the pinout information for Desisti and Arri so I could make it myself. I'm just having trouble locating somewhere that stocks them. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Currently, a standard edison plug... I don't have the money to legit manufacture them, but I could build one for anyone who wanted one. For about $200 or so...
  3. I recently gaffed a film with lots of candle and fire light scenes, which gave me this idea... So I built this device that flickers a light in sync with an actual flame, be it candle or fire... (it is currently set up to handle up to 1.5k but could easily be modified for higher wattages) The sensor, which reads the light levels, is currently attached to a length of speaker wire and is very small (easy to hide in a scene) I guess i'm wondering if anyone would actually use something like this or if people are happy enough with current methods. Here is a lousy video example I filmed with my droid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ihoepxi2iCo and here is an example in use... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ruHodNoMYo there are dimmers to control high point and low point, as well as two knobs to control the sensitivity of the sensor
  4. thanks a lot everybody, very helpful!
  5. has anyone had any experience with pulling overexposed footage shot on kodak's vision 3 500t ? i have some footage that is overexposed by about 3 stops and I was wondering if it were pulled, would it still be usable? I don't have much experience with pulling film, so I am unsure how many stops could it safely be pulled.
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