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  1. Just to clear a bit up - I posted that the AC wouldn't be needed for prep because the DP was going to be performing the prep. At the time, we didn't know if we would find anyone on time and so were making the appropriate arrangements. Stating that check-in/check-out weren't required was a concession of time, as my previous AC had to bow out for family reasons 36 hours prior to picking up the camera. Naturally, if the prospective candidate was available on that short a notice he would have been more than welcome at the prep and would have been paid for it. If anything, the lesson learned here is not to immediately jump to the conclusion that a poster is somehow misinformed or not knowledgeable in his or her field. I believe that's what upset me the most and also upset Saw. Well, that and the fact that you were questioning his wife and producer in the middle of an extremely stressful and challengeing project. It was just a job posting for goodness sakes!
  2. Honestly, I can't believe that my little cry for help caused such a ruckus. We needed a 1st A.C. and had no other alternatives other than casting a wide net and hoping we found someone capable given the time and budget constraints. I added the bit about the DP being 'very demanding' as a bit of humor which brightened the mood at our production office after a very, very trying day. I've learned my lesson to never post anything on this forum ever again. :D Downix, the situation ended up working itself out in a beneficial, positive manner. We hired an ex-student of my husband and my gaffer who was more than capable of doing the job. The shoot went as well as possible given the budget constraints and weather. Most importantly, the client is exceedingly happy. :huh: Mr. Nash, you really must have been looking to find fault with my post. I tried to make it as straightforward as possible so that I wouldn't waste anyones valuable time. It was a simple job post, not something that was meant to be up for discussion and debate. :blink: Mr. Patio, you cannot fault my husband for coming to my defense. And honestly, who cares what his nickname is. His entire crew calls him by that name and has for years.
  3. My 1st A.C. had to back out of an upcoming shoot due to personal/family issues. I'm in urgent need of a replacement. If you are capable, and interested, please email your resume to info@cagexxi.com . -35mm TV Commercial shoot -Must be local to central or south Florida -5 day shoot - June 29th-July 3rd, 2006 -Paid position - pay will reflect your level of experience -Camera is an Arri 35-III -AC is only needed for shoot dates, not for camera prep or gear return. -Be warned: DP is very demanding Chainsaw Ashley Dean Myles Producer Cage XXI Enterprises, Inc.
  4. Ah fond memories... my own wedding was shot on S16mm Kodak Vision2 with an Arri SRII just a few short months ago. Of course, it's fitting since my husband and I got engaged in the telecine suite. Nothing like having your proposal on Kodak 7222 with a yellow/green filter :) It was hard for our 1st AC (who shot the wedding for us) to change mags quickly and not miss too much of the ceremony. Of course, we were using 400' loads and not 100' daylight loads. What time of day and how long will the ceremony be? The Vision2 stocks were very forgiving for our sunset ceremony and evening reception. By the middle of the reception we couldn't even pull a meter reading but somehow we still got an exposure (albeit at 6fps). I would definitely go for hand held, just as a personal preference as a bride. You'll be more manuverable and be able to come in close to the bride and groom. Trust me, those closeups are priceless to a bride. Happy shooting, Ashley Dean Myles Producer Cage XXI Enterprises, Inc.
  5. A few months ago I was at a music showcase in Gainesville, Florida and these two guys come up to me at the bar. One of them opens with (drunkenly), " You're beautiful. I'm a documentary filmmaker working on a piece about some starving kids in Africa." and then launches into some daitribe about a feature he worked on (The Hawks are Dying) as a second assistant editor. I let him go on for a few minutes, highly amused. He even introduced his friend, an actor, as having starred in the aformentioned film. When he was done, I looked him square in the eye and said, "Pleased to meet you. I own a film production company." He promptly shut up and walked away, dejected. This was, of course, after he asked if he could send me his demo reel. Ashley Dean
  6. Heh....John, I think you had my partner as a teacher. Small world. Ashley Dean Cage XXI Enterprises, Inc. www.cagexxi.com
  7. Chainsaw and I recently hired a RIT graduate as our assistant. Sounds like a top notch program. You do get to shoot s16 there still, don't you? Ashley Dean
  8. I'm currently looking for a good publicist for an upcoming feature film. Anyone know of one in the South Eastern U.S.? We're located in South Florida but are willing to hire from out of town. Thanks! Ashley Dean Cage XXI Enterprises, Inc. www.cagexxi.com
  9. Sorry, shared computer. That was, of course, me. Just reset options so that won't happen again. Ashley dean
  10. Ok, so two guys walk into our office last week with a finished script and complete financing for a feature film. It's a small but reasonable budget but they're going to take care of talent. They just want a production company to film and produce it for them. They've already spoken with distributors and and ready to go. Does this happen in the real world? Ever? Or is this just some wonderful fluke? We're currently working on budgeting everything out for them. Resumes are welcome :) Especially for grip/electric and art department. Talk about manna from heaven.... Ashley Dean Cage XXI Enterprises, Inc. www.cagexxi.com
  11. OK, I finally got the links up. http://www.cagexxi.com/flattransfer.html Ashley Dean
  12. Sure! I'll post them on Monday (they're at the office and I'm at home). I hope you have a large monitor, because they almost fill up our 30"... Ashley Dean
  13. Ok! The uncorrected images are on my website now. Next week I'll upload the corrected stills and final cut as per the final edit handed to the client today. They loved it, thank goodness. http://www.cagexxi.com/flattransfer.html Ashley Dean
  14. This just goes to show how much humanity has degraded. An indie production in our area just had all of their HD camera and equipment stolen from their location. This includes an entire days worth of footage. http://www.news-press.com/apps/pbcs.dll/ar...1/50914001/1075 If anyone can help them you can reach them from http://www.uncoveredproductions.com. I offered our s16mm camera and equipment, but they've been using HD. Ah well. Ashley Dean
  15. I emailed tiff's to both of you from the un-corrected, 10-bit uncompressed anamorphic flat transfer. As to the DVCPro HD codec... we also had them send some test footage to us with that codec a while back. It's more than suitable and if you're going back out to D5 for broadcast, etc. that's the codec you would use. Bono Labs requires that new customers do a 'test drive'. They'll send you a portable drive with various examples of their transferred footage, both 10-bit uncompressed and DVCPro HD. Of course, you'll have to provide them with a credit card for a refundable deposit plus a few bucks for shipping and handling. By doing this you can compare the footage directly and find out if your editing system can handle it. Let me know if you've got any more questions :) Ashley Dean
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