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  1. Thanks. I agree and wanted my practicals to go a bit warmer than what I was keying my actors with. My concern was about the mired shift and if I was going to have a odd look with two different kelvin temps mixed as one.
  2. I have question about color temperature differences. Is the difference between a 2900k practical bulb and a 3200k movie light that different? The reason I ask is because I shot something on 16mm. We used some 2900k bulbs we bought from film tools to put in certain areas of a room and lit our talent with 650's (no gel) near those practical lights to accent them. To my eye I really did not see a difference on the skin tone or area being lit (of one light being more warm than the other). It was Expression 500 and I know film sees different from our eyes, but is a 300k temperature difference really going to create problems?
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