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  1. Hello, I've been reading various forum posts and articles on chroma keying, but I've gotten a bit stuck on the issue of shadows. I know it's preferable to not have any, but what can you get away with? Below are links to photos of my set, which is a circular room currently painted (badly) white, and lit by 8 fluorescent lights that sit evenly around the top of the circular wall. It's essentially a time-slice / bullet-time setup, with 8 cameras capturing the same action from different viewpoints. I want to paint the whole room with chroma key green to isolate the performer, but I'm worried that
  2. I'd like to think so. I was emailing someone called Jacyln Vigeant, who told me she'd passed on my emails to the 'owner'. I heard nothing back, emailed them again a few times, and still nothing. I was only willing to send my films and hard drive(s) to the US because I'd won two valuable prizes. Seemed a shame not to use them.
  3. Hello, I am a filmmaker of Super-8mm short films, from the UK, and I'd like to share a few experiences that I've had with Pro8mm. My first encounter with Pro8mm was in 2010 after winning a jury prize at a festival here in England in 2009. The prize was 4 films from Pro8mm, with developing and HD scanning included. These films, once shot and sent to them, were destroyed by their developing tanks, during a power cut. I had paid $50 in push process fees, as well as almost $150 in postage costs (due to their insistence on using Fedex, despite there being a USPS post office 100 metres from
  4. Hello! My apologies if this question has been answered already, I had a good search through the forum but didn’t find anything yet… I’m about to undertake a project involving 4 identical cameras (with 4 identical wide angle adapters attached) filming the same scene from different points of view, so I need to make sure I get the best setup. Currently I have a Nizo 481 macro (with the 8-48m lens) and a raynox 0.3x converter, which gives me horizontal focal length of about 3mm (just right for my needs). I was thinking about simply sourcing 3 more of these cameras and converter lenses, but wondere
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