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  1. i was just reading through this post . . . and i really liked your idea of having a strong light slash through one window . . . what size light would you recommend for achieving this look?
  2. yeah . . . thanks . . . i was hoping i could avoid that . . . not sure how soon before the shoot we'll have the equipment i appreciate all the help - ryan
  3. thanks for all the help . . . i'm not looking for heavy shadows . . . primarily hey key lighting . . . i was hoping to be able to read a f/4.0 because it would allow me to rate it at least 2/3 over and still get a decent read. So i guess the real question is how can reach a minimum of 100 footcandles? I hope that makes sense. daylight pouring through windows is something i've been pushing towards, but i just want to be prepared if the director definitely says NO thanks again - ryan
  4. I will be shooting with this stock for this first time (with fuji for the first time as well) and I'm curious, for an interior scene, what is the minimum amount of light i can use and get good exposure? I will be shooting 16mm with the aaton xtr a 2k is probably the largest light i'll be able to get my hands on . . . if that i would love to be able to read a 4.0f thanks -ryan
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