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  1. Thanks Matthew, That's exactly what I need, take the glossy away, any tricks?
  2. Hi John, I have the Ex1, what lenses do you use with the Ex3? how about crop factor? Thanks,
  3. Hi Guys, I'm using Sony EX1, I shoot 1080P. Any advice in post (sony vegas 10) to get some film texture? I'm not talking about lightning or DOP, just need some matte texture for some shots. Is there a plug in out there? maybe some tricks with what I already have? Thanks !!
  4. Great short Frank Hi guys, I just got an used Letus extreme. I have an Ex1. When I try to align it zooming out I can only align it with the paralel lines of the viewfinder, but the GG is not in the center of the viewfinder, is off to the right, so when I zoom in to avoid vignette it seems that I have to zoom in more to compensate. Any help ? Thanks !!
  5. Hi Jon, I'm thinking about getting the JVC, I have a Nikon D 300 for photos, would I be able to use my Nikon lenses with the JVC ? Thanks in advance, Ramiro
  6. Hi guys, I'm leraning, would appreciate any comments. I shot these scenes with Sony PMW EX1 1920.1080 24fps comppresed to 1280.720, edited in Sony Vegas 8.0 She gets this letter with very sad news. I just wanted to see if I could create a sad mood. I used tungsten , 300 and 600 w. Thanks in advance !! Ramiro http://www.ramiroteran.com/gallery/7555648...5982_omcoU-A-LB
  7. Well done !! Nice work.Lighting, nice shoots, camera movements. Except for one thing, this is very personal, the father doesn't do it for me, I don't mean as an actor, only his "look" just takes me somewhere else. Great job !!
  8. David, You are absolutely right, forgot to answer that, and is actually the point.It's also not easy to respond, since I think I would need some knowledge in order to explain the look I want. I'm an actor and work in soapoperas. well that's exactly what I don't want, perfect light. I'd like to get somehow film look, not to much light,i like shadows, the house is big, so I can play a lot with DOF. I'd like to get as close as possible to the final look, trying to avoid manipulating digital files in post,I use Vegas 8.0(same principle with digital audio(I use protools),when you record try to get as close as you can to final mix,eq and comp before convertion) But I have the chance to go to the house one whole day before the shooting and try different lighting situations. So if I get the gels and put them on the lights they would somehow get close to daylight right? Thanks for your time David !! Ramiro
  9. Thanks David ! The windows are too high, so I'll gel the lights.
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