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  1. Thanx everyone for your suggestions. I gor the books reader lamps from Amazon...,and its great!!! Thank you all
  2. Thanks Bob Ill take a look. Cant really see in the pic how to grip it to camera..,but I guess its not that complicated.. Thank you
  3. Any suggestions fo small lamps to place by the camera and be able to read focus and t.stop marcks? Sometimes when shooting low light its quite usefull to have some kind of reading lamp on the camera... I know the usuall flexible lams with a clamp...,but dont really like that much... And regarding laser pointers for marking when dolling or in a crane?..I heard of green ones very powerfull even on daylight conditions.Do they sell them with a candellini grip? Thanx
  4. It looks pretty cool!!..I'll have a look at your website.
  5. Hello everyone..,soon I'll be in a gig shooting underwater...,probably on a tank.We'll be using Alexas on a Gates and Hydroflex mk5 housings.Its been a while since the last time I did a job like that, in fact It was on a 435 on film.I'm reading all sorts of manuals and catching up with the new housings but any tips specially on the focus distorsions and measures will be really apreciated. Thanx
  6. Thank you soo much for all your help. I´ll try to get in touch with those associations., as you just said, it would be great to meet people and colaborate on student films..,no matter whether its paid or not. Since I´m making "new friends" at the city it would be great to have a drink and chat about the bussiness.If anyone is interested I´m up for it.Just click at my profile and send me an email. See u.
  7. Hi Lucia.There´s a camera rental company called EPC.There you can find all kind of camera gear..,is not cheap,tough. This is the Link www.epc.es Good luck with it and good luck at Berlin too. Cuco.
  8. Thanks dude!!..,I´ve been at H & B before and at kodak but didn´t know the other places. I guess you´re based at NYC..,you guys have a Local 600 or something ,dont you?..I apreciatte if you could let me know who "rules" at NYC..,I mean, the local commision where to get information for working following the rules. Thanks.
  9. Hi everyone.I´m a new member my name is Joaquin from Spain. I´ve been within the film industry for the last ten years working as 2nd AC and 1st AC (five years ago)..,also as a camera operator on TV shows and shortfilms. I´m moving to NY probably by mid june to colaborate with a DP friend of mine in a shortfilm and I´m thinking of staying there for a while and see how does the bussiness works over there.I was lucky enought to work there before and I liked the city. I was wondering if there´s anyone who could give some advices/suggesttions or ideas to move around and make contacts...to get a place a star working. Iknow all about visas and all that stuff...,that´s the mos difficult part I guess...,but I´m sure there´s a way to get involve at student proyects,freebies,shorfilms...,and so on. Well,that´s it.Any help is more than wellcome. Thanks everyone.
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